"unique lake"
Lake Sudobl area of 144 hectares located in the watershed of the Baltic and Black seas. The lake is unique in Eastern Europe not only due to the accumulation in…

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Best Tour
Helpful information The Geography Of The UK In North-East Europe is situated one of the most unique and oldest the United Kingdom. They say, write and honoring of the CE…

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Tango, vineyards and crystal clear lakes
BUENOS AIRES + USHUAIA + BARILOCHE + MENDOZA 10 days / 9 nights Day 1 Arrival in Buenos Aires. Private transfer Shuttle service with English speaking guide in the hotel.…

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The Amazing lake. The world

Hydrologists believe that everything on earth about 5 million lakes.

The largest LAKE is The largest lake in the world — the Caspian, which because of their size, even the name is the sea. The lake has an area of 376 thousand square kilometers and a maximum depth of 1025 meters.

FRESH-SALT Balkhash lake is the only lake in the Commonwealth countries having separate water. It is divided by a narrow Strait into two parts — Western and Eastern. First — the water is fresh, second is brackish. The area of this Kazakh lake — a very “moving”: from 17 to 22 thousand square kilometers, a maximum depth of 26.5 meters.

The hottest LAKE is the hottest lake in Kamchatka Fumarole. The average temperature of water in it plus 50 degrees Celsius. Secret hot natural “baths” is that the lake warms up the nearby volcano Uzon.

THE largest high-altitude lake Sevan is the largest Alpine lake in the CIS. Is located in Armenia. The area of about 1240 square kilometers. Located at the altitude of 1903 meters above sea level. Now the maximum depth is 52 meters.

The DEEPEST LAKE is the deepest lake in the world Baikal. Its average depth is 730 meters, the deepest mark of 1620 meters. Siberian lake Baikal is the largest on the planet natural store of fresh water which is about Continue reading

Unique lake in Crimea piled manure – news of the Crimea – Illegally built dam at Adzhigol instead of demolish, strengthen, in the village Council all denied

Illegally built dam at Adzhigol instead of demolish, strengthen, in the village Council deny everything

In Crimea there was a scandal around unique lake Ajigol. Local residents accuse the seaside village Council in promoting Russian businessman.

“The Crimean Prosecutor’s office sent a representation to the local authorities with the requirement to clear lake, where the businessman illegally constructed a dam, – tells “Today” activist Tatyana Kokina. – the Businessman was supposed to bring the lake to its original appearance, but he didn’t, then utilities the village of seaside began clearing the lake Ajigol from illegal dams. But instead of to clear the place and remove the new dam, the village Council helped her to expand!”.

According to activists of Primorye, a Russian businessman took off with two large sides of the grid with manure that had been “gutted” by public utilities of the village Council. “The dam was expanded, fertilize with manure, – outraged defenders of lake Acigol. – Besides, that land which the businessman dug up in the spring, they cleaned and lined it to the dam”.

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Crimean weekly newspaper – the Province Is to Save the unique lake

In the morning September 16 in the area of illegal excavation on lake Ajigol, held by Russian businessman Vladimir Yarmolenko came from local residents concerned about the fate of the lake. On the natural recruitment of ecologists (Mom 86, Ecology and peace, the Council of environmental organisations in Eastern and South-Eastern Crimea) and the community (Russian Community of seaside village, the Association of large families Feodosiya, women’s Council, CCM “Mommy”) have responded about 40 people, many of whom were young people.

According to the representative of the Council of environmental organisations in Eastern and South-Eastern Crimea V. Kunin in August 2011 the Central testing laboratory of the enterprise “Saki hydrogeological regime-operating station” conducted a thorough chemical analysis of the brine lake Ajigol and concluded that the mud fully preserved medicinal properties. The Chairman of the ecological organization “Mama 86” A. Kovalchuk urged the villagers to unite and to prevent environmental chaos, fraught with the death of unique balneological domain Feodosia.

Chairman of the Russian Community of seaside village Yuri Kokin proposed to interpret the actions of V. Yarmolenko “environmental terrorism”. He explained Continue reading

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