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Croatia, Imotski Lake – In search of beauty

Imotski is a city located in Central Dalmatia near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city is located in the heart of the continent and from the Adriatic sea that separates the mountain range Biokovo. Imotski is famous for its unique karst lakes – Blue (Modro jezero) and the Red (Crveno jezero). These amazing lakes and we went to watch.

2. Day for the trip was not chosen very well. The next day we had a three-day trip to Istria and it is reasonable to relax and stay home. But curiosity took over and we went to watch Imotski lake 🙂

3. The road from Brela to Imotski is a scenic mountain serpentine and takes just over an hour. Imotski lakes are located just outside the town.

4. First we went to see the Blue lake.

5. Blue lake is located at the bottom of the 200 metre deep sinkholes leads up a long spiraling road.

6. We have patience and began our descent to the lake.

7. After 10 minutes we finally saw the bottom of the lake.

8. It’s really blue 🙂

9. The lake is still 3 turns of the road and a small section of track right the rocky slope of the crater.

10. However not everyone needs a road 🙂

11. There is a hypothesis that the Red and the Blue lake was formed in place of the collapsed karst caves.

12. The lake is small – about 800 by 500 meters, but they may vary significantly depending on the water level.

13. The road goes on the gentle slope of the crater and on the edges of the slope rests on a cliff.

14. In such places are opened most beautiful views of the lake below.

15. The road itself is covered by large cobbles and gravel – so keep it light shoes quite painful.

16. In some places on the road made the observation deck.

27. Near the lake was even more beautiful and mysterious.

28. The setting sun added the bluish-green water Golden hues.

29. Just offshore above the surface of the lake stood a flat stone.

30. This stone led a series of smaller stones, partially hidden under water. I decided that with this stone, you should get great photos and without hesitation climbed onto him, going for that underwater stairs.

31. The photos turned out really great, but on the way back I slipped and fell into the water. It just seems that at the coast are shallow, actually very deep. I went under water with his head and only by some miracle at the last moment managed to put a hand with the camera above the water surface.

32. A few seconds I floundered, trying to understand what happened and holding the camera above the water. I finally came to, swam to the stone, and on the third attempt managed to climb.

33. As a result, the camera I managed to save, although it still slightly wet and passed out. But after a night drying it earned again.

34. To improve mood by forced swimming I stripped down and swam really 🙂 After the incident at Red lake we went, and drove back home. On the way, just after sunset, we saw the most stunning mountain scenery during our whole trip. But alas – the camera was dead. Yes, a trip to Imotski lake I will remember for a long time 🙂

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