Natural Park Ergaki
Unique, unusual and so different - attractive-home, cold, harsh, but always charming beauty of natural landscapes Ergakov, their aura have long ago become a byword. It is this beauty and…

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The Lake of a thousand Islands of Qiandaohu, Zhejiang province - the Sights of China
In the Chinese province of Zhejiang is an amazing thousand Islands Lake Qiandaohu. Its total area is 573 km², and on the surface is 1078 Islands of different size, which…

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In Siberia - a tour of the famous Multinskiye lakes
Tourist route interesting excursions in the most picturesque places of Altai begins in Biysk. passes through the village of Ust–Kan, the regional center of Ust–Koksa, Uimon Top of the famous…

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Portal All about Egypt

Lake of Egypt

Lakes in Egypt a little. It is primarily the largest lakes of the Nile Delta. Mariut, Madieh, Edek, Burullus and Manzala, separated from the Mediterranean sea by sandbars and a lake Bardawil, located in the northeast of the Sinai Peninsula, also separated from the Mediterranean by a narrow oblique. Besides the coastal lakes in Egypt is still a number of lakes located on the Suez isthmus: the Points, Timsah, Great and Little Bitter lakes, and lakes in oases.

In the northeast Libyan desert in Buheirah governorate West of the Nile Delta is a tectonic depression of Wadi Natroun. The name derives from the presence in it of more than ten small soda-rich lakes, called “Soda lakes”. For a few months a year alkaline lakes are drying up, and it is possible to extract sodium carbonate.

In the construction of the Aswan dam on the Nile in 1964-1968 gg formed a reservoir with a surface area of about 5250 km2. called lake Nasser. In 1997, the artificial lake Nasser began to expand to the West and to inundate the lowlands of Toshka, in southern Egypt, creating over the next few years four new lakes. In total, the Toshka lakes cover an area of about 1300 km2 .

And finally, the Birket Karun (lake Meridova) is the most remarkable lake in Egypt. Celebrity in ancient times and the immense services rendered to Egypt, make it one of those peculiarities, which deserve the most attention.

Meridova the lake is located in the depths of a wide valley krugovidnoe formed, the Libyan mountains, on the height of Middle Egypt. This valley, the former Arsenalski Nome of the ancient Egyptians, called Fayum, name, compiled by Arabians from SMIP and FIOM meaning in ancient Egyptian language marshy place. In ancient times there was a large lake with an area from 1270 to 1700 km 2. This vast expanse of water gradually dried up and nowadays the area of the lake Birket Qarun is about 233 km 2 .

For the protection and conservation of biological, archeological and geological resources, the area of lake Birket Qarun in 1989 was declared a government nature reserve.


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