Bled - Slovenia Estates
REAL ESTATE IN BLED Bled - Introduction Bled on the North-West of the country with more than half a million visitors a year is the most popular resort in Slovenia.…

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The Lake of a thousand Islands of Qiandaohu, Zhejiang province - the Sights of China
In the Chinese province of Zhejiang is an amazing thousand Islands Lake Qiandaohu. Its total area is 573 km², and on the surface is 1078 Islands of different size, which…

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The Lake of Aushkul and mountain Oustau
The most beautiful lake of South Ural. Mecca for believers, Bashkirs, and for paragliders. Aushkul lake is situated at an altitude of 413 meters above sea level. The lake is…

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Great lake

The Dream about the lake as a rule, unfavorable, and portends danger. To see him in a dream, swim in it or fall into it — a sign of loss, grief, illness. Sometimes this dream warns that the danger your well being or condition. After such a dream you should put in order their Affairs and to look closely at the people around you, because among them there are enemies that jump at the chance to deal with you. Sometimes a dream about the lake foretells an accident. In this case, you should postpone the trip and reschedule any important meetings. To see the lake bottom through the clear water in a dream means that you will be able to see or learn more about the subject (or person) that you are interested in. A small, clean lake in a scenic area lit by the sun, to dream — a sign of happiness and prosperity. Bare, empty, or rocky terrain around the lake in a dream — a sign of the collapse of plans, change for the worse, poverty and deprivation. To sail on the lake in a dream — a harbinger of separation from a loved one. See interpretation: water, boat, etc.

To dream of burning a sheet of paper to a strong fire, which will destroy all forests on the globe. The world’s population will experience an acute need for wood, paper and, of course, the air.

To dream approaching from the sky, the fire is a sign that in the future the Earth is threatened by a large meteorite or comet. Perhaps this cosmic phenomenon will damage many cities of the globe and will claim the lives of many people.

If in the dream fire bad smell comes, then soon you become aware of the evil rumors that are spreading about you are your enemies. You will have to work hard to refute the machinations of enemies and to restore his honor and dignity in the eyes of others.

Keep warm during sleep by the fire – evidence that in real life you are a very lucky man who knows that in difficult times he will always find understanding and support from family members. Believe me, it is not given to everyone, and therefore appreciate their neighbors.

Watch in a dream the fire in the furnace – means that your home is in greater danger from fire. Be careful in dealing with fire, otherwise you lose the roof over your head.

To dream little flame from a lit candle – this dream is a good omen. Your faith in God and observance of all the commandments of the Lord perfectly fits your lifestyle. You will find peace, tranquility, happiness and love.

If you had a city or forest on fire, in the future world threatened by a terrible drought. The time will come when people will not have a drink of water, and then it rains heavily, which will last a few days and nights and will give people long-awaited moisture, water filling the oceans, seas and lakes. Whoever survives this drought, never will cause the nature of evil, because people will know given that drought is sent down to them for not believing in God, renunciation of religion, and a ruthless attitude towards the environment.

5. Swan

A dream in which you saw the Swan, a sign of mutual love, good news and tender affection, and conjugal happiness. The singing of a Swan in a dream — a harbinger of death for the patient. Lovers this dream foretells separation due to divorce or accident. A pair of swans in a dream foretells great happiness in love or happy marriage. The disappearing Swan in a dream — a sign of separation from loved ones. A dream in which you saw a lake with swans, heralds trouble for frivolous behavior or infidelity of the beloved. See interpretation: birds, lake, water.

6. Lake fish

You will soon make the choice of life.The image of a clean lake – a symbol of a pure soul that knows no sin ,but it is only a first impression . Communicating with other people ,we learn who that is, look deep into your soul-and there the fish -apparently-not apparently:”. I remember the fish, they were numerous, they were bright, striped, yellow, orange, blue, all colors, flat and round. ”

and to make a choice -who are you ?who are you?what to you is closer and mile?which road do You prefer:up or deep into their gratification :”I swam among them and could not take his eyes. “

Social reporting. The unique bear lake will patrol drones to stop poaching, the collection of plankton
In the Kurgan region entrepreneurs organized patrol of bear lake. Businessmen are struggling with the poachers that are mined in a unique reservoir of microscopic crustaceans. But to the locals,…


The Lake of Ukraine
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