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The biggest lakes in the world
The biggest lakes in the world What associations arise in us when we hear the word «lake»? Probably POPs up in the minds of quiet glassy surface, beautiful lilies blooming…

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The biggest lakes in the world

The biggest lakes in the world

What associations arise in us when we hear the word «lake»? Probably POPs up in the minds of quiet glassy surface, beautiful lilies blooming on the surface of the water, wonderful stay on the beach, fishing… But there are on our planet reservoirs, called lakes, despite the fact that on a Grand scale, far exceed the sea and seas less prone to natural disasters.

Caspian sea — a sea or a lake?

First on the list and the largest lake — the Caspian sea. Its dimensions are impressive, and the title «sea» is rather arbitrary, as it is a closed lake. It has an ancient history. The name comes from the tribes of the ancient Caspians, engaged in the breeding, but in different sources the Caspian sea had other names — Khvalynskoye, Derbent.

It is situated on the border of merging of Asia and Europe, and several States can have the honor to admire the famous beauty of this wonderful lake: Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran, by the way, in Iran the Caspian sea is called the Khazar — on behalf of the peoples living on its coast.

The sea water is salty, and the length of the Caspian sea along the coastline, including the Islands, is 7 miles, occupied area — more than 370 kilometers.

The largest cities located on the Caspian sea, considered Baku (capital of Azerbaijan), Turkmenbashi (former Krasnovodsk), Iran Bandar Anzali, Kazakhstan Aktau, Russian Derbent, Makhachkala, Dagestan, Astrakhan.

The lake is not much inferior in size to the Black sea, but the tourist flow at all times was very large.

Aral sea — large-scale environmental disaster

The Aral sea is in Central Asia, where the borders of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The history of this lake is sad, as it is a Prime example of ecological disaster. In the second half of the 20th century from the lake actively take water for irrigation in the Syrdarya and Amudarya rivers, which later was to lead to the shallowing of the reservoir, this process can not be prevented. On the Uzbek side in place of the Aral sea has become a desert Accum. Drying negatively affected the climate, it has become more dry, and the winter — long and cold.

As a result of irrational land reclamation of affected flora and fauna, many representatives of flora and fauna extinct.

Baikal — the largest freshwater lake in Russia

Lake Baikal is the deepest in the world. Is the largest reservoir of fresh water on the planet. His depth — of 1700 meters, and compared to this indicator can only lake Tanganyika, located in Africa, its depth — 1200 meters.

Baikal is situated in the middle Asia in the South of East Siberia between Buryat and Irkutsk oblast. The closest major cities — Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude.

Baikal is a huge lake, the extent of which in length is more than 600 kilometres in width — 80. A distinctive feature of the waterfront is increasing annually the shores of lake Baikal move further apart by 2 centimeters.

Baikal is often shaken by natural disasters — the earthquake with different magnitude, but that does not stop thousands of tourists from all over Russia to come to admire the magnificent beauty of nature on a wonderful lake.

Victoria — the largest freshwater lake in Africa

Lake Victoria, the second largest extent of freshwater lake after lake Baikal, included in the seven Great lakes region in East Africa, and the largest lake not only in Africa but throughout the world. Its length is about 70 kilometers, but the depth — a total of 80.

The lake is located on the territory of three African countries — Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.

The lake has a rich history and many mysteries of nature that attracts huge number of tourists from all over the world.

The enormous Nile river originates from Victoria, it is noteworthy that the lake is literally teeming with crocodiles, a liking to him as their refuge.

Flora and fauna of Victoria is very curious. There is a legend that in the lake lives a mythical animal lukwata, which is a threat to fishing vessels.

The population living on the shores of the lake, mostly natives, including the ancient tribe of wahaya, for centuries famous for their ability to grow the best coffee in Africa.

Michigan — the largest freshwater lake in America

Lake Michigan — the largest freshwater lake located on the territory of the United States of America, its area is about 60 kilometers. In the language of Indians means «big water».

To the lake have access to the States of Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana.

Its stunning scenery of the lake attracts tourists from all over the world, offering visitors — gorgeous beaches along the coast there are more than 30, beautiful surroundings, entertainment and excursions, and amazing fishing.

The main attractions of the lake are numerous beacons national Park, also just North of Michigan is the valley of beautiful orchids.

Lake Vostok

In Antarctica, it is not strange, also is the lake — under-ice lake Vostok, which took its name from the research station «East», which is the biggest discovery in geography in the last century. The lake is hidden from prying eyes by thick ice shell, the thickness of which is more than 4 thousand meters, the lake area — more than 15 thousand kilometers.

To see the East with his own eyes will not work, because it is closed to the public.

Scientists have no doubt that the lake hides in its icy waters of the many secrets that have yet to uncover, and hope that the inhabitants of the lake are not only microorganisms but also other wildlife, such as squid. However, it is possible only in case, if you find that on the lake there are hot springs, the presence of which is not yet confirmed by the facts.

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