Sightseeing tours in Rome Italy the Odyssey, group excursions to Rome from the "sunrise tour"
An unforgettable experience will give you Italy (sightseeing tour in Rome) . This trip will allow you to see the ancient city, which is the main cultural, political and economic…

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Tours of the Masurian lakes
Find the tour to Poland The rest of the Masurian lakes Mazurian lake district is a land of unique nature, "green lungs of Poland". More than two thousand lakes, linked…

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Skadar lake
The biggest in the Balkans, Skadar lake - area 356-388 km2 - was not so long ago the protected status of two neighbouring countries - Albania and the former Serbia…

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Australia Australia is the sixth largest country in the world occupying an entire continent and adjacent Islands. This is the lowest leveled and continent of the Earth, where there are no earthquakes, no volcanism manifestations. Stand out in the topography of the plateau in the West and in the center of the Central lowland (up to 16m), in the East, strongly destroyed mountains of the Great Dividing range (2230 metres, Kosciuszko). The climate varies from semiarid in the North to temperate in the South of Tasmania. For the most part has a tropical climate with trade winds the winds from the Pacific ocean. 2/3 of the territory is occupied by deserts and semi-deserts (Great Sandy, Gibson, Great Victoria desert, etc.). Along the coasts and in the mountains – forest. Flora and especially the fauna of otlichayutsya endemism. The river network is poorly developed. Distinctive temporary watercourses (cries), a saline lake. The country is rich in groundwater, but they are brackish.

Reference: Total area: 7.68 million sq km population: 19.9 million people capital: Canberra official languages: English, currency: Australian dollar.

Tourism: each year Australia is visited by about 4.5 million people. Tourists are attracted by the amazing nature of the country, the famous Great barrier reef, East coast resorts, the world’s largest granite monolith Uluru (Ayers Rock), attractions of Sydney, Melbourne and other cities. Developed ecotourism.

The world heritage Royal exhibition Palace and gardens of Carlton; lake district Willandra; wilderness areas of Western Tasmania; Great barrier reef; Islands Lord Howe; rainforests of Central Eastern Australia; the wet tropical areas of Queensland; shark Bay; Fraser island (largest sand island in the world); the fossil remains of Australian animals (2 plots – is riversleigh and Naracoorte); heard island and McDonald; Macquarie island; the area of the Blue mountains; national parks: Kakadu; Uluru-Katajuta; Purnululu.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a relatively large country located on the eponymous group of Islands, elongated Merivale at 1700 km in the South-Western Pacific ocean. The largest Islands – North and South. The banks in places cut by fjords. The island is 75% mountainous. North island is an active seismic and volcanic activity (numerous geysers, hot springs, volcanic lakes, conical volcanoes, including the active volcano. Ruapehu, 2797 m). In relief stand out the South island’s Southern Alps with the highest point of the country G. cook, 3764 m, with significant glaciations, and many lakes. The climate is subtropical and temperate, wet. The natural vegetation consists of forests. And flora, and the fauna is highly endemic. The country is rich in hydro resources.

Tourism: the Country is visited annually by over 2 million people. Tourists are attracted by the beautiful and extraordinary nature (including geysers) recreational mountain rides and seaside resorts.

World heritage areas: Tongariro national Park; protected area Ahinoam; new Zealand sub-Antarctic Islands (Sirs, bounty, Auckland, Antipodes, Campbell).

The state in the West of the archipelago of Samoa. Refers to the ethno-geographical region of Polynesia. The Islands are volcanic, mountainous (1858 m), a volcanic active area. Fringed by coral reefs. The climate is tropical humid, and typhoons happen. The natural vegetation consists of forests (about 50 %).

Tourism: the Country is annually visited by 90 thousand foreign tourists, who are attracted by the possibility of a seaside holiday and beautiful nature Samoa.

Mariana Islands

Northern Mariana Islands, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas (freely joined the United States territory).

Reference: Total area: 477 sq. km population:82,5 thousand center: Saipan island, official languages: English currency: US dollar.

Tourism: people come here every year about 450 thousand tourists, mostly from Japan. They are attracted by beautiful nature, exotic monuments of the aboriginal cultures and the possibility of a seaside holiday.

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