In Siberia - a tour of the famous Multinskiye lakes
Tourist route interesting excursions in the most picturesque places of Altai begins in Biysk. passes through the village of Ust–Kan, the regional center of Ust–Koksa, Uimon Top of the famous…

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Social reporting. The unique bear lake will patrol drones to stop poaching, the collection of plankton
In the Kurgan region entrepreneurs organized patrol of bear lake. Businessmen are struggling with the poachers that are mined in a unique reservoir of microscopic crustaceans. But to the locals,…

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Best Tour
Helpful information The Geography Of The UK In North-East Europe is situated one of the most unique and oldest the United Kingdom. They say, write and honoring of the CE…

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Crimean weekly newspaper – the Province Is to Save the unique lake

In the morning September 16 in the area of illegal excavation on lake Ajigol, held by Russian businessman Vladimir Yarmolenko came from local residents concerned about the fate of the lake. On the natural recruitment of ecologists (Mom 86, Ecology and peace, the Council of environmental organisations in Eastern and South-Eastern Crimea) and the community (Russian Community of seaside village, the Association of large families Feodosiya, women’s Council, CCM “Mommy”) have responded about 40 people, many of whom were young people.

According to the representative of the Council of environmental organisations in Eastern and South-Eastern Crimea V. Kunin in August 2011 the Central testing laboratory of the enterprise “Saki hydrogeological regime-operating station” conducted a thorough chemical analysis of the brine lake Ajigol and concluded that the mud fully preserved medicinal properties. The Chairman of the ecological organization “Mama 86” A. Kovalchuk urged the villagers to unite and to prevent environmental chaos, fraught with the death of unique balneological domain Feodosia.

Chairman of the Russian Community of seaside village Yuri Kokin proposed to interpret the actions of V. Yarmolenko “environmental terrorism”. He explained that environmental terrorism is having increased social danger of ideology and practice

of violence against nature, horrifying the population and destruction committed by

environment. Makes it V. Yarmolenko in order to impact on decision making authorities, in this case the leadership of the village, with whom long conflict.

Neighbours of the businessman, the Chairman of the street Committee of the Pearl street stated that residents are ready to block the work of the bulldozer and offered to appeal to all media in the region to stop “arrogant” businessman.

The villagers harshly condemned the actions of the entrepreneur and expressed indignation at the inaction of the competent authorities and structures that, despite all the evidence to doers of iniquity, can’t stop heavy equipment destroys the lake. The outcome of the meeting were the joint demands to the authorities: immediately stop of illegal excavation work in the area of the lake to start work on cleaning the pipes connecting the lake with the sea Acigol for the resumption of gravity flow, to assist environmental organizations in the creation of the passport of the lake and attract V. Yarmolenko to justice.

The villagers went with the firm intention to continue the struggle and to spend mass protest actions with the aim to preserve and revive the lake Adzhigol.

From the editor: it is Difficult to understand the actions of the authorities of Feodosiya, which does not undertake anything for the preservation and restoration of the unique lake. Residents of the seaside is well know the people who came to the lake from different parts of Russia in wheelchairs and left Feodosiya on their feet. Many years ago the restoration of the lake’s going to take an entrepreneur from Moscow, but died without bringing the matter before the end because of numerous bureaucratic obstacles .

We care about the prestige of the city, to attract tourists build a Dolphinarium, and instead attend to the real and fairly simple tasks to assist the lake, to restore the normal functioning wells with mineral water. This is a truly unique heritage that nature created, we just have to store it.

In Kyrgyzstan several hundred dangerous lakes. KG
In Kyrgyzstan several hundred dangerous lakes, out of which 20 lakes are at the stage of breakthrough. These data lead experts on hydrogeology. Each of the lakes is a time…


Bled - Slovenia Estates
REAL ESTATE IN BLED Bled - Introduction Bled on the North-West of the country with more than half a million visitors a year is the most popular resort in Slovenia.…