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Big lake in Borovoye

Type of accommodation

Unique area, located in Northern Kazakhstan, a unique jewel with an incomparable value. And all these beautiful words cannot fully describe the splendor of lake Borovoye.

Big lake: description

The highest point of the Central part of the upland is mount Kokshe uplifting at 947 meters above sea level. The nature here is unique and combines the incompatible variety. Faced with steppe forest species at higher elevations, so that there is visual similarity of mountain surface composed of crystalline rocks. Due to the constant exposure to the environment all rocks have bizarre and mysterious forms. A large lake in Borovoye. a place of incredible natural beauty appeared a lot of sanatoriums, recreation centers and various hospitals.

Near lake Borovoe across the isthmus lies the lake chebachye. Unlike in translation, the depth of which is 7 meters, chebache is much shallower because of the constant and numerous fences water. Also, you can see numerous shallow Islands. But this situation is not concerned about local environmental services.

For entertainment and to attract tourists, develop numerous legends and stories. Often they tell about the natural advantages of the region, but are a mirror image of the history of the people and their culture. Due to the large number of people coming here to relax every year, the environmental situation requires a caring attitude, extra attention and extra protection.

Advantages of relaxation:

• Cleanliness of the surrounding nature;

• The beauty of landscapes;

• Affordable holiday prices.

Description lake chebache:

• Be located in a resort area near lake Borovym.

• Directions to the lake paid, payment is made at the checkpoint, walking the aisle is free of charge;

• The average lake depth of 11 meters and the maximum is 33.

• The vegetation is almost entirely absent.

• Located near mount cyanosis, impressive for its natural beauty.

This lake has become one of the cleanest lakes of Kazakhstan, and this is not surprising, because the water clarity is about 8 meters. Beautiful scenic landscapes will accompany you throughout your stay. The abundance of small bays and coves that will allow you to organize a wonderful holiday with your children and enjoy the beauty, untouched by the hand of civilization.

Thanks to the purity of the water, you will be able to have a great time for underwater hunting. A large number of cancers, also reflects this factor and significantly affects the local cuisine, which is so like gourmets. Cancers in addition to local underwater fauna to boast of, as the following representatives: groupers, breams, carps, carps and others. Be sure to weld on the nature of the soup from the freshly caught catch.

As to outdoor activities include guided walks through the woods or mountain climbing, for which official specially laid several routes. For guests just to relax will find just a lot of tours to attractions such as the waterfalls, the dancing forest, bending under the force of the winds, the mountain sculpture, carved by the winds and natural forces.

Enjoy magnificent sunrises and sunsets on the lakes or in the mountains at any time of the year. They will give you an incredible experience and memories that will warm you during the whole year, until the next holiday. You may will meet, also on big Chebache lake.

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