Great lake
The Dream about the lake as a rule, unfavorable, and portends danger. To see him in a dream, swim in it or fall into it — a sign of loss,…

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The biggest lake of Russia
A list of the biggest lakes of Russia rightly tops the pond, whose name got the word "sea". The Caspian sea is on the border of Europe and Asia and…

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In Siberia - a tour of the famous Multinskiye lakes
Tourist route interesting excursions in the most picturesque places of Altai begins in Biysk. passes through the village of Ust–Kan, the regional center of Ust–Koksa, Uimon Top of the famous…

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Unique lake in Crimea piled manure – news of the Crimea – Illegally built dam at Adzhigol instead of demolish, strengthen, in the village Council all denied

Illegally built dam at Adzhigol instead of demolish, strengthen, in the village Council deny everything

In Crimea there was a scandal around unique lake Ajigol. Local residents accuse the seaside village Council in promoting Russian businessman.

“The Crimean Prosecutor’s office sent a representation to the local authorities with the requirement to clear lake, where the businessman illegally constructed a dam, – tells “Today” activist Tatyana Kokina. – the Businessman was supposed to bring the lake to its original appearance, but he didn’t, then utilities the village of seaside began clearing the lake Ajigol from illegal dams. But instead of to clear the place and remove the new dam, the village Council helped her to expand!”.

According to activists of Primorye, a Russian businessman took off with two large sides of the grid with manure that had been “gutted” by public utilities of the village Council. “The dam was expanded, fertilize with manure, – outraged defenders of lake Acigol. – Besides, that land which the businessman dug up in the spring, they cleaned and lined it to the dam”.

In turn, the Deputy of the seaside village head Vladimir Seth all charges activists refutes: “If you speak Russian, then all this is nonsense, ” he says. – When I personally none of their municipal services of the village Council, these bags are not ripped open. How can manure to strengthen the dam?”.

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Earlier, the residents of the Primorsky declared the destruction of the salt lake Ajigol, which dirty – healing. The businessman was blocked by the body of water by a dam and dug a drainage trench. So he “built” a passage to the sea for vacationers to their hotels. The public is outraged, environmentalists are sounding the alarm: healing the brine out and the mud dries up.

As previously reported, in early November 2012, the court of Appeal upheld the claims of the territorial Prosecutor’s office and obliged private owners to release self-willedally occupied the land plot on lake Ajigol. In this case the defendant was obliged to bring the water body to its original state, i.e. to carry out there built a dam, and to compensate illegal excavation damages.

However, in April this year the Chairman of the Crimean Republican Association “Ecology and peace” Victor Tarasenko at a press conference in Simferopol, reported that the lake Ajigol continue to fill the waste.

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Croatia, Imotski Lake - In search of beauty
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