Ski resort Abzakovo: sanatorium assy Bashkiria the official site, the resort assy photo, sanatorium assy Bashkiria reviews, resorts of Bashkiria assy assy Resort
Resorts of Bashkiria, assy including taking on holiday thousands of tourists are leaving rave reviews. Broad popular ski resort of Abzakovo. It is a modern ski centre, well-equipped tracks are…

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Best Tour
Helpful information The Geography Of The UK In North-East Europe is situated one of the most unique and oldest the United Kingdom. They say, write and honoring of the CE…

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Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world, the deepest lake in Russia
Glorious sea — sacred Baikal… I invite You to a virtual journey to lake Baikal — the most beautiful pearl of Russia. I am very interested to visit the lake…

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Wedding on the lakes of Italy

Italy is famous not only for its seas, and lakes. Moreover, it is often on the lake can be organized more stylish and elegant wedding than the sea. About the most popular among honeymooners lake Como we have already mentioned, but in Italy are still many decent places ideal for a magical wedding!

Recognized as the most beautiful Alpine lakes – the already mentioned Como and Garda and Maggiore. This is the most popular tourist destinations, because these lakes has everything for the holidays – olive grove, orange alleys, picturesque towns, wonderful restaurants and cafés with views of the lake. A reason many Italian and foreign couples go there to conclude a valid marriage!

The second group of lakes is less popular but no less beautiful. They are volcanic lakes located in the craters of extinct volcanoes. The most famous Bolsena, Albano, Nemi and Bracciano. They are near Rome, making the lake even more convenient for prospective newlyweds – to get pretty easy, just arrive in the Italian capital.

Lake Garda is just a fairy tale! Pure mountain air, sandy beaches, an unreal amount of flowers and greenery, soft heat, even in summer – all this creates the perfect background for a perfect wedding! One of the most popular places for honeymooners there is the castle of Malcesine. The castle is framed by cypresses and oleanders and offers a romantic bride and groom its a great panoramic deck overlooking the water and mountains. The castle is situated at an altitude of 1800 meters, from there you can reach the bottom of the funicular, which immediately will make your wedding the special colorfulness. Ceremonies here are held either in the castle or in one of the towers of the castle overlooking the valley.

The approximate cost of wedding package: 3800 euros. The price does not include air tickets, visa and accommodation. Additionally, you can pay classical music performed live, accompanying the ceremony, a boat trip on the lake and rent a retro car. Of course, the choice of locations for weddings on lake Garda is extremely wide – it features all the villas and restaurants on the coast!

Lake Maggiore, as if created for romantics and lovers of peace. Beautiful view of the Alps from the lake is breathtaking! If you are having a wedding at sunset, it will be the most romantic event of your life. Shore Maggiore is literally saturated with the fragrance, as there are growing azaleas, camellias and verbena.

If you want to get legally married, then your service town Hall in the town of Pallanza. Town hall is conveniently located right on the lake, so your wedding ceremony will take place overlooking a gorgeous expanse of Italian mountains.

The cost of organizing the official marriage registration in the town hall of Pallanza from 4300 euros.

Another great option is an elegant wedding in the town of Verbania, in an old Villa with a splendid garden. In the garden planted with rare varieties of camellias and magnolias, under their seductive aroma you can enjoy views of the lake Maggiore and the snow-capped Alpine peaks. The Villa was created in the 19th century for the aristocracy, it breathes luxury – gardens, alleys, walkways, statues. Usually the ceremonies are held in the pavilion Villa, which has preserved the atmosphere of the 19th century. It is set in a garden, very cozy and romantic place.

The value of a symbolic ceremony at the Villa in Verbania from 4800 euros.

Albano lake is primarily known for the fact that it is the residence of the Pope in Castel Gandolfo. This place is popular among Italian couples wishing to get married in a beautiful elegant place near Rome. In Castel Gandolfo you will find many villas and hotels that offer their rooms for wedding ceremonies. Please note the hotel Castel Vecchio. In his restaurant hall can accommodate up to 180 guests, in addition, you are guaranteed excellent service, delicious food and stunning views of the lake. The hotel staff can arrange every detail of your wedding and will make sure that everything was perfect!

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