Tours of the Masurian lakes
Find the tour to Poland The rest of the Masurian lakes Mazurian lake district is a land of unique nature, "green lungs of Poland". More than two thousand lakes, linked…

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Tea lake
What if you pour all the tea of peace in the Great lakes? How strong it will be compared to the normal tea? Diluted to almost homeopathic concentrations. A standard…

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Tea lake
What if you pour all the tea of peace in the Great lakes? How strong it will be compared to the normal tea? Diluted to almost homeopathic concentrations. A standard…

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Fall for two. 5 best places for honeymoon in Ukraine

The Carpathian mountains in the fall — the perfect place for a honeymoon. Bukovel, Yaremche, Kosiv and Kolomyia, Morshyn and township — is not a complete list of places that will delight with its beauty and hospitality.

Horseback riding in traditional costumes, amazing lakes and rivers, national cuisine and ethnic music, and even castles, ancient churches, rafting, Hiking and, of course, mountains — the newlyweds, who love active recreation will be where to roam.

Many hotels and hotels of the Carpathians, by the way, for Valentine’s special offer rooms, but you can also stay in cosy cottage to spend warm evenings under a blanket by the light of flames playing in the fireplace.


It is the choice of intellectuals, hipsters and those who tirelessly chases European values. Lions — it’s a little medieval Europe with narrow streets.

Here you can spend hours wandering hand in the second half. Majestic churches and cathedrals, unusual museums and dozens of wonderful cafes and patisseries with delicate desserts and a hallmark of the city — coffee that will warm on an autumn evening after a long walk.

It is possible, incidentally, to arrange a little tour to the places of romance: the statue of the Mother of God with a fountain of blessing for a happy and long life together or look in the Italian courtyard, shrouded in a special atmosphere (this place is associated with the love story of Polish king Jan Sobieski and Maria Kazimiera French women).

Be sure to visit the High castle — the highest point in Lviv, which will allow you to see the city, like the palm, as well as Shevchenko’s grove — the old Park and the Museum under the open sky with a distinctive Ukrainian flavor and cute houses.


Little Paris. It is often called the city of Chernivtsi residents. Guests of this wonderful place, as a rule, such comparison is not challenging. But for the honeymooners from all over Ukraine Chernivtsi has long been one of the most popular places to honeymoon.

Beautiful architecture, romantic streets, which holds the secrets of centuries of history. One of them — pedestrian street Olga Kobylianska where you will not meet a single car, and look at the number of cafes and restaurants.

In Chernivtsi you can spend days walking through the alleys and squares, charged with positive energy of this amazing city. But, of course, the obligatory point of the trip should be the former residence of metropolitans of Bukovina and Dalmatia. It’s a place fans of the books and films about Harry Potter often called “our Ukrainian Hogwarts”. But it will also appeal to those who are not fond of the books by JK Rowling.


And if you want to spend your honeymoon will certainly be by the sea? After the events with Crimea the choice is obvious. Southern capital is definitely worth to go there together with your partner.

Honeymoon in Odessa will be unforgettable, because there are so many romantic places: the square of the Palais Royal, the naval station, the Cup of love on the street Prokhorov, Arcadia promenade, the beach “boom”, and — the beautiful Opera house, where it dissolved in the sounds of classical music.

In the evenings you can stroll along Primorsky Boulevard — the light of lanterns and the sound of the waves — the fairy-tale. And you can rent a boat and look at Odessa in the light of hundreds of thousands of lights from the sea.


Medieval Kamianets-Podilskyi will be inspired by the beauty and romantic atmosphere of the narrow cobbled streets and ancient walls. The town hall, the Armenian well, Kushnirs’ka tower, the amazing temples and old churches — every stone here has its own unique history, covered by hundreds of legends.

Old town — the historical part of Kamianets — is surrounded by the steep gorge of the river canyon Smotrych. This place is guarded by the mighty Old fortress — the most famous landmark. Going to her Castle on the bridge, you should not forget to hang your own padlock symbolizing eternal love.

And in the evenings the city is particularly enchanting with its mood of love, it is easy to dream about the future, plan joint life and feel every moment to the full. And, by the way, not far from Kamianets-Podilskyi is another miracle of nature — Bakota Bay, where you can find not only clean the pond, but also wooden pier with a couple of boats and catamarans for romantic evening strolls along the water.

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