The biggest lake of Russia
A list of the biggest lakes of Russia rightly tops the pond, whose name got the word "sea". The Caspian sea is on the border of Europe and Asia and…

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Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world, the deepest lake in Russia
Glorious sea — sacred Baikal… I invite You to a virtual journey to lake Baikal — the most beautiful pearl of Russia. I am very interested to visit the lake…

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Carinthia, Austria - Throwed
Carinthia – the southern Federal province of Austria. It borders the countries of Italy and Slovenia, as well as with the Austrian Federal provinces of Tyrol, Salzburg and Styria. Variety…

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Carinthia, Austria – Throwed

Carinthia – the southern Federal province of Austria. It borders the countries of Italy and Slovenia, as well as with the Austrian Federal provinces of Tyrol, Salzburg and Styria. Variety and new experiences ensures the very landscape of Carinthia, situated between the highest peak of Austria – Grossglockner (3.798 m) in the Alps and the Karawanken mountains in the South of the province. The mountains give way to hills, valleys and lakes.

The oldest inhabitants of the territory of today’s Carinthia were the Celts-Karauli but in the sixth century settled here Slavic tribe karantoni. Since XII century it was held intensive Germanization and in 1335 Carinthia came under Habsburg rule, and in 1849, acquired the status of an independent administrative unit of the Austrian Empire. The capital of Carinthia since 1518 is the city of Klagenfurt.

In Carinthia some of the most famous and the most in summer and warm lakes, which love to visit, ideal for swimming and water sports. In addition to large lakes, such as Werther see, the Ossiacher see, Millstatter see and Weissensee, Carinthia and there are many smaller lakes are also popular, such as Afritzer see, Faaker see, see feld, Kaucher see, Klopeiner see, lake Pressegger see and Langsee. Only in Carinthia, there are 1.270 lakes and crystal clear rivers, length of which is 8 thousand kilometers.

Water is the mirror of the soul Carinthia. Large lake for swimming are the main force of attraction for guests from Carinthia. These lakes were noted for the excellent quality of their waters the European environmental prize “Tourism for Tomorrow Award”. It should be noted that not only large lakes are the hallmark of Carinthia. The lake is medium in size and very small lake, hidden from prying eyes, is a special gift of nature that gives endless opportunities. It’s essential not to forget about the hot springs, has a wonderful healing effect.

Lakes of Carinthia are of interest for lovers of water sports: sailing, water skiing, fishing or just swim and enjoy nature, and with the advent of winter is to do speed skating, Curling, etc. to Those who are not satisfied with the calm waters of the lakes, Carinthia offers active holidays on rivers: Canoeing, rafting, water bicycles. In Carinthia also bet on winter sports resorts to compete with the neighbouring ski resorts of Tyrol. Carinthia is a Paradise for golfers.

Gmund is a private Museum cars Porsche – more than 30 models of cars of the famous brand since 50-ies of xx century.

But the real treasure of Carinthia is its nature. Here are the most famous lakes in the country – wörther see, Ossiacher see, Millstatter see and Weissensee, a small Afritzer see, Faaker see unique landscapes, feld am see, Kaucher see, Klopeiner see (the warmest in Austria), the presseggersee and Langsee in which the water is amazingly clean and, due to its thermal springs, warm. Mountain S located next to Eisenkappel, in the South-West of Carinthia, is famous for its stalactite caves. In the National Park Nockberge, which is situated at an altitude of 1300 – 2440 m, you can enjoy majestic mountain scenery and discover centuries-old traditions of Austria. National Park Hohe Tauern, covering an area of 1187 sq. km, attracts the beauty of its peaks, glaciers, lakes and waterfalls, Alpine flora and fauna, as well as the beautiful mountain village of Heiligenblut (“Holy blood”), converted into a modern tourist center. Rosegg reserve protects more than 350 different animal species and fragile Alpine flora. There are terrible and ragga gorge, over which at a great height stretched hanging bridges.


Cities and resorts in Austria

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