In Siberia - a tour of the famous Multinskiye lakes
Tourist route interesting excursions in the most picturesque places of Altai begins in Biysk. passes through the village of Ust–Kan, the regional center of Ust–Koksa, Uimon Top of the famous…

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The Amazing lake. The world
Hydrologists believe that everything on earth about 5 million lakes. The largest LAKE is The largest lake in the world — the Caspian, which because of their size, even the…

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Ski resort Abzakovo: sanatorium assy Bashkiria the official site, the resort assy photo, sanatorium assy Bashkiria reviews, resorts of Bashkiria assy assy Resort
Resorts of Bashkiria, assy including taking on holiday thousands of tourists are leaving rave reviews. Broad popular ski resort of Abzakovo. It is a modern ski centre, well-equipped tracks are…

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“colorful lake”

Germany in the winter in a few words: extensive “excursion tours” quality “excursions”. Local snow resorts can offer a ride on perfectly folded slopes, densely to dine with all sorts of “-bustami” with potatoes or “klopsiki” with rice, then put in the framework of decency in bars or at discos. Another thing is that professional lovers of skiing there is unlikely to be interesting: challenging trails are very small, as bizarre entertainment stuff — so merry youth is better to opt for a winter break with other neighbors in the Alps. What about excursions, then this is no problem in Germany: ancient castles, colorful lakes, and the city “history” presents a wide range.

Famous for the thoroughness and accuracy of Germans every year to provide the country a large influx of tourists. Firstly because, in Germany, high-quality and well-maintained trails. Secondly, always strictly consistent with the stardom of. And, finally, infrastructure.

Another feature of «gornolyzhny German”, which obviously won’t be happy about brave adventurers — a lack of “black” tracks. But novice skiers and snowboarders with incomes above average and will definitely spend here excellent vacation.

But Germany even in the summer do not have to complain about the lack of tourists. Reason a few: rich excursion program — this ain, well-maintained hotels for every taste and wealth — this is Zvi, a great number of stores and malls where you can make a very profitable purchase — it’s dry. And finally, a beach holiday on the Baltic seaside with its mild climate, not hot, rural relaxation on the lakes of Bavaria and Wellness in Baden-Baden — is fir, comfort and sex respectively.

Due to low pressure in winter the temperature is in the range of −4 °C to 0 °C, but in some places can fall to −20 °C. Average temperature in the coldest month, January −3..+2°C, colder is only high in the mountains on the southern border: −6..-10°C.

Berlin in winter is kept zero temperature between +2..+3°C to 22 °C. Snow is infrequent and kept short. Snow Christmas is here — a rarity. It rains mostly in autumn-winter period.

Hotels of Germany, as a rule, fully consistent with its “star”. Under “ekskursionku” city hotels usually use 3-4 “stars”: the standard rooms and quality food. Even hotels in two “stars” will be pleasantly surprised by the neatness, cleanliness and service. Breakfast everywhere — “buffet”, even “the two-room apartments”.

Ski resorts Germany hotels 5* there is little, mostly 3-4*. There are very few hotels near the lifts. Most places — family, behind the counter of the front Desk meet the owners, all at home and cozy.

The most popular thermal resorts of Germany — Baden-Baden, bad Kissingen and bad Krozingen-rich mineral springs with thermal water of different composition.

The thermal water of Baden-Baden comes from the mountain springs Florentinerberg. There are about 12 different sodium-chlorinated sources, whose waters reach a temperature of +56..+68 °C and Bute from an artesian well depth of 1200-1800 m.

The last 200 years of bad Kissingen is one of the most popular resorts in Germany. Local mineral water sources used for the treatment of gastrointestinal and cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as for anti-aging treatments.

Spa resort bad Krozingen is located in the very South of Germany, between the Rhine valley and the mountains of the black forest. Its thermal mineral water sources which contains Europe’s largest amount of carbon dioxide.

State art collections of Dresden — the oldest and second largest Museum complex in Germany. World famous are the collection of so-called “Gallery of old masters” (Dresden art gallery) and the Museum “Grunes Gewolbe”, presents an exceptionally rich collection of jewels.

In Hamburg you can visit the local history Museum in Northern Germany, the Museum-the air-RAID shelter, Museum of spices (with the opportunity to taste many of the exhibits), the “PANOPTICON” (more than one hundred wax figures of celebrities and historical characters), the wine Museum.

In Munich Nymphenburg interesting castle, Alte Pinakothek (European art from the 14th to 17th century), Bavarian national Museum, State collection of ancient art, Museum of BMW, Ludwig Maximilian University, Studio «Bavaria film”.


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