Tango, vineyards and crystal clear lakes
BUENOS AIRES + USHUAIA + BARILOCHE + MENDOZA 10 days / 9 nights Day 1 Arrival in Buenos Aires. Private transfer Shuttle service with English speaking guide in the hotel.…

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Ski resort Abzakovo: sanatorium assy Bashkiria the official site, the resort assy photo, sanatorium assy Bashkiria reviews, resorts of Bashkiria assy assy Resort
Resorts of Bashkiria, assy including taking on holiday thousands of tourists are leaving rave reviews. Broad popular ski resort of Abzakovo. It is a modern ski centre, well-equipped tracks are…

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The Kolka Glacier may soon resume its movement
Scientists continue to explore the area of the glacier Kolka. Experts fear that he may resume his movement much earlier than predicted. Today, scientists returned from the glacier to Vladikavkaz…

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Radzilowski the lake will not give birth to anything else? Courier Pskov Velikie Luki

Residents of several villages of the district Perovskogo in shock. Who and why killed the most beautiful lake region, “Courier” tried to find out at the crime scene

It all started with a call to the editor Vyacheslav Anokhin, making surfactants on vacation.

– The whole shore strewn with dead fish! – he was indignant. – On the water, at a distance of about 800 meters along the edge, is a blue – green film. Smell terrible!

More than an hour’s drive along the Federal highway, and we are in Pav. Front of almost twenty kilometers on the road and for a dessert – walk.

More recently berry and mushroom places, as they had noticed. Most come for the summer.

– Five or six years ago about Radioscope lake settled porhovsk the Pskov branch of the rich company, says “exclusive” information in our guide, Vyacheslav Anokhin. – On the new owners built a large wooden house. Then that was not enough. Wanted a piece of the fence off forests, but the locals took offense and soundly dismantled blocked the way to the gate…

From a distance the pond is fabulously beautiful. For stunted pines and birches on the shores of the blue expanse. Somewhere near the horizon it is limited to a narrow strip of land. The wind drives the surface waves and swaying near the shore boats invite for a stroll.

However, the first impression is deceptive. A few meters to the shore, the nose picks up a smell reminiscent of sewage. Yes and the color of the water is not blue, but brown. Blue-green film on the surface of the lake (thanks to the previous rain?), as, however, and deposits of dead fish on the sand. But it was enough to push the grass in the small backwaters, as the smell hit his nose. Hundreds of dead brushes were floating on the surface. Sparkling with all colors of rainbow film is also disgusted. And so – throughout at least hundreds of meters. To bathe here in the near future hardly anyone will dare!

– A lifetime fish! – admitted “Courier” 85-year-old Alexander ALEXEYEV, a resident nearest to the lake village of Radilovo. – For bait to catch perch, pike, roach. Sometimes, the fish out on the river shelon in Udehe. Today its a little, and then two weeks in a row someone got into the habit over the lake at night to drive. With a Bang, then dead the thing swims on the surface (close, probably, taken away). Daws sprung by the thousand, and they are dead fish do not disdain. Local hooligans? No, only visitors will go!

On request “Courier” of July 5, Redlowska the lake was visited by a Commission of representatives of the Pskov nature protection Prosecutor’s office and branch “Sevzaprybvod”.

They took video and photography, took samples of water.

– At a distance of about three miles the shore was strewn with dead fish, at every meter up to 70 ruffs! – told the “Courier” Andrei NOSOV, the Deputy Prosecutor. – Adult individuals was not only the fry. Everyone died at different times. According to ichthyologists, fish kills can occur from oxygen starvation. In any case the human factor (the use of pesticides, electric current or poisons) we have excluded.

In favor of this version are healed almost 70 percent of the pond slime and vegetation, taking away a lot of oxygen, especially in hot weather. The lake became almost stagnant, at least it and flow of small streams. During the measurement the water temperature was 25-26 degrees, for forest shallow lakes – disaster. Naturally, the first responded to kislorodoterapii ruffs.

“Courier” took water samples and immediately – on research.

– All indicators in norm, – have informed the next day Victoria SAPRYKINA, head of Department of the analysis of water bodies of the Centre of laboratory analysis and technical measurements in the Pskov region. – However, there is a small amount of blue-green algae. Their mass development is causing “bloom” of water, which is considered a natural disaster. Selection, and post-mortem decomposition products, some of these algae are poisonous. Water is no good for anything, increase secondary pollution and siltation of the reservoir.

To fight the algae, consuming oxygen and leading to mass fish kills, simple. One of the ways is to sprinkle the hearth with lime or perform the chlorination. Only here to save Radzilowski the lake no one. Environmental inspectors in the regions for local authorities a dying lake, probably too small a problem.

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