Protected area Basegi in Perm Krai, photos
Amazing in its beauty nature reserve is located in the Perm region. Every year numerous tourists visit these places to enjoy nature, clean air and protected areas. Basegi is a…

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Social reporting. The unique bear lake will patrol drones to stop poaching, the collection of plankton
In the Kurgan region entrepreneurs organized patrol of bear lake. Businessmen are struggling with the poachers that are mined in a unique reservoir of microscopic crustaceans. But to the locals,…

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Skadar lake
The biggest in the Balkans, Skadar lake - area 356-388 km2 - was not so long ago the protected status of two neighbouring countries - Albania and the former Serbia…

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Ski resort Abzakovo: sanatorium assy Bashkiria the official site, the resort assy photo, sanatorium assy Bashkiria reviews, resorts of Bashkiria assy assy Resort

Resorts of Bashkiria, assy including taking on holiday thousands of tourists are leaving rave reviews. Broad popular ski resort of Abzakovo. It is a modern ski centre, well-equipped tracks are recognized as the best in Russia. Abzakovo is located in the South-East of Bashkiria, near Beloretsk and in 60 km from Magnitogorsk.

Nature itself has taken care that here to build a ski center. Indeed, around the picturesque slopes of the Ural mountains, gorgeous forest, rough mountain rivers, beautiful lakes, varied flora and fauna. Photos here are just wonderful.

More and more of our Russian fans of mountain skiing and snowboarding are choosing to practice this ski center. A huge number of tourists come to this lovely place for relaxation, where they breathe the wonderful mountain air, felt the health of the local climate. Abzakovo ski center is a great place to vacation with the whole family. You can use this option: for accommodation and treatment to buy a ticket to the sanatorium assy (Bashkiria), the official partner site which provides complete information on the placement and then go in Abzakovo and ride the slopes of this wonderful resort.

And the most modern tracks here, all categories of difficulty, elevation 320 metres, there are 4 slopes for slalom and giant slalom. For training runs, using the latest technology, which allow to increase the skating season for two months. Here the first in Russia began to apply the technique of zasnivanje runs on technology HKD – Tatrapoma.

On the slopes are modern lifts. For customer convenience and for better control implemented formal access control system with plastic cards and turnstiles. This allows skiers to adjust the number of booms per day, per race, per season. Judging by responses of tourists, it is very convenient. In the ski resort Abzakovo in the highest level medical service and the work of the instructors. Experienced instructors will teach completely inept skiers, and will accompany them on the slopes.

At a ski resort designed for convenience and comfort: rental of necessary equipment, snowboards, Luggage storage, here workshop repair inventory.

Sanatorium assy (Bashkiria), the official partner site of which you will find on the Internet, takes care of people with various diseases. While being treated in the sanatorium, you can make excursions. Fortunately, the resorts of Bashkiria, AssA will provide you with information, are pretty close. For example, you can visit the South Ural state natural reserve. The purpose of the reserve was the conservation of the unique forests of the region, sparse Alpine vegetation, and wetlands. Is the biggest nature reserve of the southern Urals.

In the reserve you can find rare plants, mountain ecosystems, the extraordinary beauty of Alpine plant communities, maybe you are lucky, you will be able to capture pictures of rare animals. And then, back at the sanatorium assy print and long to admire them. The territory of the Yuzhno-Uralsky reserve laid out ancient Riphean sediments. He is a member of the Union of protected areas of the Urals. The reserve has the responsibility for preservation of gene pool of rare plants and animals, unique natural ecosystems. Sanatorium assy (Bashkiria), and travel for resorts of this region left by the guests, you will be able to find on the Internet.

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