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Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world, the deepest lake in Russia

Glorious sea — sacred Baikal…

I invite You to a virtual journey to lake Baikal — the most beautiful pearl of Russia. I am very interested to visit the lake Baikal, to see the pure awesome of the lake.

Lake Baikal is located in the South of Eastern Siberia, in the heart of Asia, in the valley between mountain ranges. Baikal is the deepest lake in the world, the depth of the lake — 1637 meters, it is composed of many legends and stories, songs and poems. For its size, the Baikal can compete with some of the seas, its length from North-East to South-West is 636 km that is equal to the distance from Moscow to St. Petersburg, a relatively small width from 25 to 79 km at its widest point.

Baikal is the largest freshwater lake in the world,

the depth and volume of fresh water, volume of water equal to the water volume of the Baltic sea — this is 20% of the world’s fresh water.

Soft water of lake Baikal, along the entire depth is saturated with oxygen, clean and clear — ‘sbecause into the lake waters with a large territory — more than 550 thousand sq. km covered with thick forests. In addition, there is sufficient rainfall and large inflow of well-filtered groundwater. The shores of lake Baikal are composed of hard crystalline rocks, due to weathering and sand and almost not giving impurities in the water.

One of ancient legends says that in very ancient times in these places lived a harsh hero named Baikal. And he had several hundred sons and one daughter — the Hangar, the most beautiful girl in the world. The sons worked day and night, drowned in mountains of snow and glaciers, and collected and drove the crystal water into a huge basin. Once the Hangar had heard from itinerant singers that neighbouring mountains there was a young warrior, a handsome man Yenisei. Loved the Yenisei and Angara ran away from crystal Palace from the bottom of the underwater Kingdom. Upon learning of the escape, the enraged Baikal gave chase, grabbed a huge boulder and threw it in rebellious daughter,but missed. Since then, and is this lump at the exit of the river from the lake, now called Shaman stone. Ran Angara to the Yenisei, and embraced him, and they flowed together to the icy North sea.

Scientists estimate that Baikal the river flows 554 — «sons of lake Baikal», the majority of their starts on the mountain slopes. As follows from the lake only one mighty river Angara — «daughter of Baikal». Baikal acts as a natural reservoir that regulates the flow of the Angara river. Thanks to the Hangar is the water exchange in the lake, though very slow,so many properties of water is stable and constant.

The origin of lake Baikal

Baikal is the oldest lake in the world, it was formed about 20÷25 million years ago on the site of a huge ancient extinct sea. The basin of Baikal were formed in a large fracture in the earth’s crust — the rift that continues to expand and currently. So during the earthquake in January 1862, part of the Delta of the Selenga river flowing into Baikal, went under water and formed the new Bay lake depth of 5÷7 meters.

Due to the large water mass of lake winter Baikal is much warmer and summers are cooler than in the surrounding areas. Why Baikal does not freeze for long.

In December, the Baikal starts to cover the ice and may only be exempt from it. By the end of winter the thickness of ice on the lake reaches 1 m, and in the bays — 1.5 m temperatures and air pressure over the lake and surrounding mountain ranges cause strong winds in each area of the lake is the main source of their local winds have their own names: Barguzin, Sarma, hangar, Kultuk, Siver — it’s the North wind, which is associated with the name Siberia.

The flora and fauna of lake Baikal

In the Angara basin, large areas are the pine forest, while the Western Pribaikalye — coniferous spruce-pine forests. The variety of flora and fauna lake Baikal is not unmatched by any lake in the world.

There are more than 2600 species and varieties of plants and animals, and 75% of Baikal’s species occur nowhere else, i.e. endemic species. In lake Baikal an amazing underwater world, the usual commercial fish: omul, whitefish, sturgeon, grayling, burbot. «No of without Baikal Cisco and omul of lake Baikal without» — says the local proverb. Cisco — an alien from the Arctic ocean, reaches a length of 40÷60 cm and weighs 2.5 kg, lives in the deep, but to spawn out in the river, now the number has decreased significantly due to intensive fishing. Lives in Baikal Nerpa — «Siberian seals», it gives the perfect fur and tough skin to sew clothes and shoes.

In the Baikal basin created three nature reserves and two national parks. For recreation on lake Baikal established resort area — in 65 km from Irkutsk built many rest houses and tourist bases.

The simplest way to lake Baikal from Irkutsk: 1 hour on the road — and You in Listvyanka. Here is a look at the local market, where you can be happy to buy Siberian specialties: legendary omul (hot and cold smoked), pine nuts, specially processed resin of the larch, which is tastier and healthier every gum. Listvyanka is located at the head of Angara, here is a piece of rock, which according to legend was left furious after Baikal’s daughter Angara.

Also worth a visit on the opposite shore of the lake — here begins the Republic of Buryatia. Be sure to visit Olkhon island — the only inhabited island on Baikal. Olkhon island on lake Baikal is considered the center of Northern shaman world — every summer there are going to shamans from Siberia, China and Mongolia. Together they evoke the spirits and pray for all mankind for the welfare and prosperity. This sight is very impressive and fascinating — all on the Olkhon and Baikal.

Offer You to watch an interesting film about the nature of Baikal:

Let’s finish our little trip to lake Baikal.

Hope it’s been fun. See you soon!


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