Radzilowski the lake will not give birth to anything else? Courier Pskov Velikie Luki
Residents of several villages of the district Perovskogo in shock. Who and why killed the most beautiful lake region, "Courier" tried to find out at the crime scene It all…

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The Amazing lake. The world
Hydrologists believe that everything on earth about 5 million lakes. The largest LAKE is The largest lake in the world — the Caspian, which because of their size, even the…

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Australia Australia is the sixth largest country in the world occupying an entire continent and adjacent Islands. This is the lowest leveled and continent of the Earth, where there are…

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“unique lake”

Lake Sudobl area of 144 hectares located in the watershed of the Baltic and Black seas. The lake is unique in Eastern Europe not only due to the accumulation in it for 13 thousand years thirty meters sediment thickness of sapropels totaling more than 6 million m3. formed purely through the decay of biomass of the reservoir, but due to the high content of organic matter – 90-70% with different degree of transformation of organic matter.

13 thousand years ago in the lake began to accumulate sapropels with the participation of diatoms and plants of the pond with good aeration at the bottom of the pond. This is evidenced by the depth of the processes of biochemical decomposition and transformation of organic matter, the increase in the proportion of mineral substances and the accumulation of humic acids, causing the black coloration of sediments. Thus was formed the black sapropels.

Then when you change food and oxygen regime in a lake was formed due to the precipitation of blue-green algae dominated the processes of accumulation of dead organic biomass over its destruction, as evidenced by the low proportion of mineral substances (9-15%) and low content of humic acids. These processes led to the accumulation of sapropels green.

Finally, since the age of 3 thousand years ago when passing power of the lake to the stage with an intense oxygen regime in organic sediments begin to dominate protococcal algae, and humic acids decreases the amount of biochemically resistant structures. Formed by the upper layer light brown sapropel.

Targeted use of sapropel in medical and cosmetic practice, and proper environmental protection of lake Sudobl from anthropogenic and technogenic pollution will provide valuable medical products and medical-prophylactic institutions all over Europe for about 150 years, especially as the annual growth of organic sediments at present is about 20 000 m 3 .

Due to the unique deposits of sapropel from lake Sudobl in the Council of Ministers referred it to the medical resources and the use of organic sapropel is permitted only as therapeutic muds, face masks, ingredients for medical, veterinary and cosmetic industry and also in the form of biologically active additives in animal feed.

With an area of 1.2 km 2 and a depth of 25 m, the total stock of sapropel s

Bled - Slovenia Estates
REAL ESTATE IN BLED Bled - Introduction Bled on the North-West of the country with more than half a million visitors a year is the most popular resort in Slovenia.…


The Kolka Glacier may soon resume its movement
Scientists continue to explore the area of the glacier Kolka. Experts fear that he may resume his movement much earlier than predicted. Today, scientists returned from the glacier to Vladikavkaz…