Welcome to the resort “the White Lake” the Mayor and the Government of Moscow! Sanatorium "Lake White" city Hall and Moscow Government, is located in Shatura district of the Moscow…

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Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world, the deepest lake in Russia
Glorious sea — sacred Baikal… I invite You to a virtual journey to lake Baikal — the most beautiful pearl of Russia. I am very interested to visit the lake…

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Beach vacation & attractions of Abkhazia. Part 1
Abkhazia – the territory of unique nature, ancient history, centuries-old culture, unique traditions and a beach holiday. Abkhazia (Abkhazian, Apsny – country soul) is in the North-Western Caucasus, South Caucasus…

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The Amazing lake. The world

Hydrologists believe that everything on earth about 5 million lakes.

The largest LAKE is The largest lake in the world — the Caspian, which because of their size, even the name is the sea. The lake has an area of 376 thousand square kilometers and a maximum depth of 1025 meters.

FRESH-SALT Balkhash lake is the only lake in the Commonwealth countries having separate water. It is divided by a narrow Strait into two parts — Western and Eastern. First — the water is fresh, second is brackish. The area of this Kazakh lake — a very “moving”: from 17 to 22 thousand square kilometers, a maximum depth of 26.5 meters.

The hottest LAKE is the hottest lake in Kamchatka Fumarole. The average temperature of water in it plus 50 degrees Celsius. Secret hot natural “baths” is that the lake warms up the nearby volcano Uzon.

THE largest high-altitude lake Sevan is the largest Alpine lake in the CIS. Is located in Armenia. The area of about 1240 square kilometers. Located at the altitude of 1903 meters above sea level. Now the maximum depth is 52 meters.

The DEEPEST LAKE is the deepest lake in the world Baikal. Its average depth is 730 meters, the deepest mark of 1620 meters. Siberian lake Baikal is the largest on the planet natural store of fresh water which is about 23 thousand cubic kilometers. This is more than in the Baltic sea. The area of the Baikal — 31,5 thousand square kilometers.

Dead LAKE is an Unusual body of water lies in the village of Gerasimovka St. Andrew district, Taldy-Kurgan oblast (Kazakhstan). It is called Dead lake. In the pool, the size of 100×60 meters, there is no one alive. It is assumed that from the cleft at the bottom of the lake stands out toxic gas that kills all living things. And another characteristic feature of the Dead lake — even in the heat of summer the water is ice cold.

The LAKE-the GHOST That appears. completely disappears in the lake Arco in South Ossetia, which is near the city of Tskhinvali. The lake area in the “tide” of about 0.5 square kilometers. The lake is located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. Every three to five years, the lake. it goes to the ground, as if someone pulled the plug in a big tub. Water from the lake pours out into the reservoir about a month. Sometimes it happens in winter. Then the ice that covered the surface of the lake becomes a giant ceiling of the tank. Often the ceiling drops. to the bottom. In the lake there are only newts. Fish, apparently “avoids” to settle in that liquid body of water. Scientists explain the phenomenon of the disappearing lake is the presence of karst caves under the bottom of the lake, where the lake water shimmers periodically, depending on the “mood” of groundwater.

SALT LAKES IN the lake to drown people just can’t, even if he does not know how to swim. Because Tuvan lake Dus-Khol (which translates as “salty lake”) is a concentrated natural salt solution (brine). But the most salty lake in the territory of the former USSR — Baskunchak. Nothing alive can live in it.

SWEET lake In the Ural mountains in the Chelyabinsk region there is an amazing lake — Sweet. Washed in it without soap washes and even oil stains. The water contains soda and salt. And soda, as you know, has a sweet taste. The presence of these substances in a specific chemical combination and gives the water a lake of Sweet special quality (alkaline reaction).

“FLOATING” LAKE of the Uzon Volcano in Kamchatka is not only a huge grey-black crater with steep walls and a cold lake at the bottom. And its Caldera — the grassy plains with occasional hills covered with cedar, birch and Rowan. This abundance of cold, warm and hot lakes, mud pots, boiling keys. One of the wonders of the Caldera of the Volcano is floating in the lake. The gases produced are sometimes covered with large and small bubbles the entire surface.

The largest SWAMP is The largest swamp in the world is located in the basin of the Pripyat river — a tributary of the Dnieper. It is estimated that it covers an area of 46 950 square kilometers.


Tango, vineyards and crystal clear lakes
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The Kolka Glacier may soon resume its movement
Scientists continue to explore the area of the glacier Kolka. Experts fear that he may resume his movement much earlier than predicted. Today, scientists returned from the glacier to Vladikavkaz…