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Group and excursion tours to Beijing Tours to China the prices are affordable to most, so you can see the diversity of this country with my own eyes, personally touch…

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Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world, the deepest lake in Russia
Glorious sea — sacred Baikal… I invite You to a virtual journey to lake Baikal — the most beautiful pearl of Russia. I am very interested to visit the lake…

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Wedding on the lakes of Italy
Italy is famous not only for its seas, and lakes. Moreover, it is often on the lake can be organized more stylish and elegant wedding than the sea. About the…

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The Lake of Aushkul and mountain Oustau

The most beautiful lake of South Ural. Mecca for believers, Bashkirs, and for paragliders.

Aushkul lake is situated at an altitude of 413 meters above sea level. The lake is oval in shape, length 2 km, width – about 1.5 kilometers. The lake is shallow. The average depth is only 1.85 metres high. The bottom is flat, covered with glacial gravel and silt.

As reported the scientists, the water of the lake is mineralized and it belongs to hydrocarbonate-calcium-magnesium waters. With soft water, slightly alkaline.

The lake is ideal for swimming and for fishing. Here roach, bream, perch, pike, tench, vendace. Meet cancers.

From the West on the shore of the lake rises mount Oustau (645 meters). Its cone rises above the surface of the lake at 230 meters. The ascent is not difficult for the trained people. On the way probably will make a few stops, out of breath. But with the top of the mountain offers beautiful views of the lake, mountains and countryside.

On the mountain there are several revered among the Bashkirs graves. One of them is a stone slab with ancient text in Arabic script. The text suggests that here is buried the Arab Sheikh. Plate in 1905 brought from Bishkek and installed to replace worn-out previously existing. Nearby, two graves of Awliya saints and Sofas. All the graves are covered with stones.

The most revered tomb of the Holy Awliya’. According to spine-tingling the legend of Auli I was a stranger-preacher. However, the local Bashkirs he did not like, and they he was beheaded… But what was their horror when the morning rays of the rising sun Bashkirs saw going up the hill Awliya, holding his head in his hands. The locals realized that made a mistake and was honorably buried the body of wanderer on the mountaintop, began to worship him as a Saint. At the same time nearby gushed. There are other versions of this legend, one way or another reducible to the death of the righteous.

On the birch near – thousands of ribbons. People believe that the hidden wishes come true.

Nearby flows a spring. He is also Holy. It is called the key of the Holy Awliya’. It is said that this pure and tasty water in addition has healing properties. Anyway, but this forces the water sure adds. However, a spring in the spring, then dries up.

In General this place is, according to everyone who was here, very nice, light, positive energy.

Since the XVIII century this place became famous for excellent quality and beauty of aushkul’skaya Jasper. Jasper fawn and sandy colors give a special charm for black and brown dendrites, branching like veins, resembling twigs of the plants. Aushkul’skaya Jasper is used to produce excellent stone bowls and vases. Vases of aushkul’skaya Jasper even decorate the Grand staircase of the Hermitage.

On the shores of lake Aushkul you can gather up a lot of beautiful Jasper that is already home will delight the eye and remind you of your trip to Yuzhnouralsk this place.

At the end of the XIX century on the lake and the mountain was visited by the writer Feodor Nefedov. He devoted to these places a short story-a legend.

Mount Oustau loved paragliders from Chelyabinsk, Miass, Yekaterinburg and other cities. Here is a convenient area for takeoff and insanely beautiful view from height of bird’s flight. On weekends the number of paragliders in the air can reach more than a dozen.

The lake is only one settlement – the village of Starobaltachevo. Forest on the shores of the lake almost none.

To spend the night near the lake in the tent. Or to get to the hotel in Miass or Uchaly.

As part of this weekend trip you can also visit the famous attractions of the southern Urals, lake Vorogayt. lake Turgoyak or the Ilmensky reserve .

How to get to the lake and the mountains Auscul Oustau?

The lake and mountain are situated on the territory of the Uchalinsky district of Bashkortostan. By car go along Chelyabinsk highway, take the Kasli, Miass. From Miass in the direction of the Uchaly to Komsomolskaya. To turn right at Starobaltachevo, and soon you will get to Auscul.

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The Lake of Aushkul and mountain Oustau
The most beautiful lake of South Ural. Mecca for believers, Bashkirs, and for paragliders. Aushkul lake is situated at an altitude of 413 meters above sea level. The lake is…