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Holidays at the lakes of Italy. Lake Garda, Lake Como, Lago Maggiore Tours to the lakes in Italy

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Rest on the lakes of Italy every year is gaining popularity, especially on the lakes of Northern Italy – Garda, Como and Maggiore . which are considered the most beautiful in the region. They are quite extensive (up to 370 sq km) reservoirs of glacial origin, depth is often more than 400 m. Soft, healthy microclimate of Alpine lakes basins is allowed to create a world class resort.

The most part lakes in Italy is exceptionally clean and transparent water, amazing nature beauty, excellent local infrastructure, which influenced the rapid development of tourism in these areas.

From ancient times to rest on the lakes of the preferred Pliny the Younger, Shelley, Stendhal. In our days on the Italian lakes come the rich melancholy, the bride and groom from all over the world who are attracted by the romantic water, conducive to rest and relaxation.

Lake Garda, the largest lake of Italy (the length of 52 km, width 17 km), is half an hour away from Milan. Well here in the summer and autumn: mild climate, beautiful scenery, palaces and castles. The season runs from February to October. The average temperature is +26 degrees, water (in August) to +24 degrees. Lake’s ideal conditions for Windsurfing and yachting. One of the most interesting places is the medieval town of Sirmione, local health resort which is famous for its thermal baths and ancient Roman monuments. Water from the sources is served in the swimming pools of some hotels (Grand Hotel Terme Sirmione 5*) and a special wellness-centers.

The mild climate, Mediterranean atmosphere mixed with breathtaking scenery of the Alps, charming view of the old town along the coast and excellent conditions for sport lovers. That is why lake Garda attracts so many tourists from all over the world.

The lake Garda is of glacial origin, the largest of the Italian lakes. Widely known for its beauty since the time of the Roman Empire, lake Garda is the many castles, villas, ports and typical small villages. Pastel colors of the surrounding scenery only occasionally interrupted by olive groves, cypress trees and just rocky cliffs. Protection of mountain ranges on all sides and humid climate give the opportunity to quietly grow along the shores of lake Garda typical Mediterranean plants such as cypress, olive and lemon trees. Summer at the lake is never too hot and winter is too cold.

Tourists can choose from a range of themed tours such as gourmet tours, wine route, excursions to castles, museums etc. the area offers many choices of fun and activity for everyone: theme parks, safaris, water parks and natural parks and warm water.

You can go on excursions to Verona, Venice, Milan, wine and jewelry centers, Botanical gardens Parco Natura Viva zoo and Safari parks. Lake Garda is the famous amusement Park “Gardaland”. To visit all the attractions of this Park requires at least 3 days.

Lake Garda is also a Paradise for sports enthusiasts of all levels. With a relaxing sports such as swimming, Golf, tennis, to more active such as surfing, horseback riding, Hiking and mountain Biking, and all extreme sports: free climbing and paragliding.

Lake Como lies in a hollow between the limestone hills of the Bernina district. It stretches for 51 km North of Milan, close to the border with Switzerland. The Alps serve as a kind of barrier from the North winds, so the lake temperature does not drop below 24 degrees Celsius. Como depth is 410 meters.

Here you can practice any water sports, as well as rock climbing and horse riding. On the southern part of the lake located two amazingly beautiful city of Como and Lecce. The lake is famous for the settlements in medieval style, castles, towers. Here is an ancient Fort built in 1169, sculpture Museum, the Cathedral of the Renaissance.

Lake Maggiore is located in the North of Italy, on the border with Switzerland, in the provinces of Lombardy and Piedmont. The length of the lake -45 km, width-4.5 to 8.5 km, depth – 250 m. On the Eastern shore of the lake there are numerous natural parks, and in the West Bank -the prestigious resorts of Stresa, Verbania, Baveno, near the Western shores of the island are concentrated with their unique charm

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