Unique lake in Crimea piled manure - news of the Crimea - Illegally built dam at Adzhigol instead of demolish, strengthen, in the village Council all denied
Illegally built dam at Adzhigol instead of demolish, strengthen, in the village Council deny everything In Crimea there was a scandal around unique lake Ajigol. Local residents accuse the seaside…

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Holidays at the lakes of Italy. Lake Garda, Lake Como, Lago Maggiore Tours to the lakes in Italy
Information on tours to the lakes of Italy. dates and prices please contact our managers or use the system "SELECTION of the TOUR TO ITALY" Rest on the lakes of…

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Social reporting. The unique bear lake will patrol drones to stop poaching, the collection of plankton

In the Kurgan region entrepreneurs organized patrol of bear lake. Businessmen are struggling with the poachers that are mined in a unique reservoir of microscopic crustaceans. But to the locals, this craft is the only means of existence. Alexei Rebrov understood the problem.

“Here it is washed, purified, in the future – Artemia cysts. Each egg is the size of about 0.2 mm, 200 micron,” Oleg Nikiforov, Director of “NICKNAME”.

The eggs are microscopic crustaceans Artemia – the so-called cyst – a salt lake bear collected two fisheries. This nutritious plankton feed the fry. Enterprises engaged in the fishery, as required by law, only 2 weeks a year – from mid-June until July. But the poachers are operating all year round – cyst is very popular on the black market.

“This year has already occurred the precedent that illegal the announcement was published in local, petukhovsky newspaper: “looking to Buy Artemia cysts,” says Oleg Nikiforov, Director of “NICKNAME”.

In these refrigerators – 30 tons of illegally produced cysts, which was detained by the police. Damage was estimated at 10 million rubles. Now law enforcement bodies try to find the customer party. Collectors known to them – most often poachers are inhabitants of the neighboring villages.

“For the power offensively! So as you can. If today went one neighbor brought a bag and sold, and stolen, and we and the state, the second man, he lives on this earth, he will go too. And he has a son, and the son will go there”, – said Vladimir Glushkov, the Director of JSC “Morgandinhos” .

Locals argue: the work in the villages there, to live on something. And the revenue from the bag of collected cysts can live for almost a month.

Valentina Akimova, a resident of New Ilinka: “Bag – 15 thousand. Earlier work was, the farm was all planted, and this year no one even came, and not sow, and not be prepared”.

To protect the unique lake from poachers, the head of the region demanded to arrange around the perimeter of the lake round the clock security. But to take control of the entire area of the lake proved impossible.

Victor Hachalav, head of Department of the state control, supervision and protection of biological resources and their habitats in the Kurgan region: “It is 5.5 thousand hectares, is the distance of a few tens of kilometers. Imagine how many people need to close access to this lake?!”.

Now in the Kurgan region has created an interagency group. It includes police officers, selhozzapchastey, Fisheries surveillance and fishermen. Organization of control over the lake was assumed by entrepreneurs – they are willing to watch the pond with the help of drones. The bailiff promises to actively control the shore. And the police – to find, finally, wholesale buyers of cysts.

Bear lake consists of two parts connected by a narrow Strait. It closed and powered by meltwater. The total area of over 60 square kilometers, but the water is very chalky. The average depth is only 50-70 cm and maximum 120 cm Cyst, which is extracted here refers not only to feed the fry, but is also used for the treatment of dermatological diseases and in cosmetics.

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