Sightseeing tours in Rome Italy the Odyssey, group excursions to Rome from the "sunrise tour"
An unforgettable experience will give you Italy (sightseeing tour in Rome) . This trip will allow you to see the ancient city, which is the main cultural, political and economic…

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Wedding on the lakes of Italy
Italy is famous not only for its seas, and lakes. Moreover, it is often on the lake can be organized more stylish and elegant wedding than the sea. About the…

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Protected area Basegi in Perm Krai, photos
Amazing in its beauty nature reserve is located in the Perm region. Every year numerous tourists visit these places to enjoy nature, clean air and protected areas. Basegi is a…

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Natural Park Ergaki

Unique, unusual and so different – attractive-home, cold, harsh, but always charming beauty of natural landscapes Ergakov, their aura have long ago become a byword. It is this beauty and this aura draws you to him countless fans, not to mention pilgrims. Anyone who was in Ergaki, the man confirms that opened his eyes an unforgettable spectacle and a lasting impression. And he pulls to come back again and again.

Ergaki very “compact” – the whole area can be circumvented in a few days. Someone thinks that this place – the door through which you can go on a magical journey where dreams come true, and the man finds himself in harmony with nature.

Some of the natural attractions have become truly iconic for these places. They form a unique image Ergakov and are “centers of gravity” for tens of thousands of people. First of all, this is a rocky ridge, called “Sleeping Sayan”. The silhouette on the man’s back, face and flowing long hair, the hands folded on the chest, legs and feet. “Sleep” shakes, awakens imagination and inspiration. He has numerous legends, and for many hundreds of years remains the most majestic, mysterious and enigmatic spectacle in Ergaki.

Another wonderful creation of Nature is the rock formation of the Brothers (the second name – Parabola). It consists of two peaks of different size and height, connected by a bridge. The outline of this dam has a very smooth and proper, really – parabolic shape. Breed of which is composed of the Parabola, have a very smooth, “polished” surfaces, which also suggests some researchers think artificial processing (if not the origin) of this remarkable rock. From the Younger Brother, in a beautiful valley situated emerald lake, having the shape of almost a perfect rectangle with rounded edges. It is called the lake of Mountain Spirits. According to ancient legend, these Spirits and bewitched two Brothers, leaving them there to guard fabulous treasures. The lake is adjacent another miracle of Nature – a waterfall with a height of about 20 meters.

Pass Artists can be considered a place of pilgrimage for creative people and connoisseurs. It is completely unique. It offers a wide panorama of the Central part of the mountain range Ergaki, river valley Left Tiger. To see the peaks of Bird, Star, Dragon Tooth, a Cone Mirror. In the center, far below, visible two sharp peak – Brothers.

“Hanging stone” is considered the most interesting and attractive sight Ergakov. It is located on a sloping cliff, touching her only a small part of its surface. Externally the stone (obviously, weighing several tens of tons) gives the impression of instability, as if he was about to lose the delicate balance and slip into the abyss. It is known that before the 70-ies of the last century, the “Hanging” was “rocking” the Stone which could result in oscillatory motion by the force of arms. Subsequently, the repeated attempts to push the Stone down the cracks in places of coupling with the rock were clogged by small debris, and he ceased to swing. To “Hanging stone” there are several trails, and anyone came to Ergaki tourist feels obliged to see with my own eyes this wonderful, amazing, already famous, Monument of Nature. At the bottom of the abyss, which is always “committed” “Hanging stone”, is a beautiful Rainbow lake is one of the jewels Ergakov.

One of the main decorations Ergakov – lake Light. It is often called the Great. Quiet smooth surface of the lake stretches from North to South of 1.5-2 km and from West to East for 1 km, at an altitude of about 1200 m above sea level. The lake is fringed with dense pine-fir forest that climbs the sloping hill, above which rise the two peaks, Bird and Star.

Peak Bird extreme top of one of the Central ridges, perhaps one of the most picturesque. The outlines of the mountains resemble the shape of a giant bird, which, menacingly looking at all around and spreading her wings, hiding them under their Chicks. Neighbouring Bird peak, located in the same ridge – Star peak, with a height of 2265 meters. His narrow sharp crest resembles the bow of a huge naval ship that cut through the vast surface of the ocean of the taiga.

Lake marble got its name for the pure glacier water. It is located at a height of 1598 m above sea level. At 100-120 meters from the lake is a waterfall. Falling from height of 30-40 meters, it forms two or three cascades with steep rapids between them. The bed of the waterfall – a powerful sharp-edged granite blocks – parallelogram, resembling the steps of a red color due to the abundance of micro-organisms on the rocks. Especially the gorgeous waterfall in the active time of spring thaw.

Another “celebrity” Ergakov – rock the Dragon Tooth. It is actually similar to a canine, sticking out from the jaws of some gigantic beast. One side of this pinnacle is a “negative” wall height of about 1000 meters is a formidable challenge for climbers who come here to compete against the local rocks.


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