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In Kyrgyzstan several hundred dangerous lakes. KG

In Kyrgyzstan several hundred dangerous lakes, out of which 20 lakes are at the stage of breakthrough. These data lead experts on hydrogeology. Each of the lakes is a time bomb. According to the Ministry of natural resources, due to global warming in the country, glaciers melt and increases the volume of water in the lakes. According to the forecast of the Ministry, in the next two years can cut 12 to 15 lakes, situated in the Chui region. How serious is the threat of a breakthrough of mountain ponds and lakes was found Saltanat Kaldybaeva.

In Kyrgyzstan, from 2 thousand more than 300 mountain lakes are vulnerable to breaches. Such data led the head of the Kyrgyz hydrogeological expedition of the Ministry of natural resources Kamchybek Musuraliev. The last two years, the lake has not broken, but today, the fear among scientists is the lake TERS – tor located in the valley of Ala – Archa. The lake quickly filled connection with the intensive melting of snow and glaciers. On the road to this lake is the city of Bishkek and a number of settlements. The last time the lake TERS tor broke through in 1953 – year.

Each of mountain lakes has its own conditions of formation and breakthrough, says hydrogeologist Sergey Erokhin. There are many reasons for the breakout of the lakes – the earthquake, or the rapid melting of glaciers.

For example, the most dangerous situation creates a mountain lake adygene in Chui oblast. The volume of the lake adygene in the 80’s was 30 thousand cubic meters, while in our days is equal to 300 thousand. According to experts, the rapid increase in lake volume, the result of global warming.

The issue of water use in recent years in Kyrgyzstan is very acute. On the one hand, the energy crisis, caused, according to the official version, the water shortage and the surplus in the form of recurring debris flows. As explained by geologists, the latter largely due to the fact that in the mountains there are many dangerous lakes, but part of the waters is not conducted proper follow-up. Some of them already represent a potential threat for the population and ecosystems of the Republic and the region as a whole.

“The terrain in Kyrgyzstan does not allow to deploy the construction of telechannels. In addition to the construction of such facilities in the country, today there is no money”, – says Sergey Erokhin.

According to Sergei Yerokhin ponds are divided into three categories according to the degree of threat.

The first is the most dangerous. “These lakes are at the stage of breakthrough and require the implementation of protective and preventive engineering measures to prevent the possible catastrophic consequences”, – says Sergey Erokhin.

The second category consisted simply dangerous. “The lake of this group, approaching in its development to the stage of a breakthrough, but an immediate threat at the present time, no. The reservoir must be under custodial supervision.

And finally, the last group are the less dangerous. In this case, the lake has the prerequisites to a breakthrough in the future, but currently it is not safe and must annually visually surveyed during flybys”, – says Sergey Erokhin.

According to him, currently Kyrgyzstan from 330 lakes, is included in the catalog of the outburst, 12 belong to the first category, 25 to the second. The remaining reservoirs are in the last group.

According to him, the most dangerous at the present time in Kyrgyzstan is lake Cercanas on the Northern slope of the Talas range, of about 300 thousand cubic meters. There already along discharge channels formed underground tunnels through which water may break. “More disturbing is the lake Tructor in the valley of Issyk-ATA in Chui valley on the Northern slope of the Kyrgyz ridge. Its volume is about 250 thousand cubic meters. Lake adygene and Aksai in the valley of the river Ala-Archa, on the Northern slope of the Kyrgyz ridge today threatening the capital of the Republic,” warns the geologist.

In Issyk-Kul oblast “bad” lakes are located in the valley of the Tone river, Talas river, Carcanet, in Batken – rivers Shakhimardan and Firm-SAI, in the Osh region of outburst lakes are located in the valley of the river AK-Buura.

Earlier behind them is constantly watching the experts – researched, flew in helicopters, controlling the situation. Now it is impossible to do only occasionally – there is no money. Hydrogeologists are not able to afford regular satellite images of dangerous lakes – the expensive this pleasure.

As noted by the Director of the Department of the Ministry of emergency situations monitoring Turdubek Agybaev, today the Ministry of Emergency situations is checking the warning systems of the population with the threat of breakthrough lakes and clear rivers, which can pass debris flows.

Each year, the MOE issued the forecast contains the information about outbreak-prone lakes.

BACKGROUND: Kyrgyzstan – the country of thousands of lakes. Among them many small. Lakes, the surface area of which is more than 0.1 square kilometers, there are about two thousand. About 100 lakes have an area of over one square kilometer. About a third of the total number of water bodies are vulnerable to breaches because their dams as a result of several factors lose their stability and disintegrate.

In Kyrgyzstan systematic study of mountain lakes is carried out since 1966, after the accident, which occurred on 18 June 1966, when it broke through the barrier lake of Yashil-Kul in the valley of the rivers isfairamsai. Identified hazardous lakes in Kyrgyzstan are recorded in a special directory. The arrangement of waters on the territory of the Republic selected 10 zones of their concentration, as well as a separate group of disparate.


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