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Bled – Slovenia Estates


Bled – Introduction

Bled on the North-West of the country with more than half a million visitors a year is the most popular resort in Slovenia.

These visitors, however, diverge soon after arrival, since one of bled’s attractions is its easy access to the Triglav National Park. Visitors to bled are always charmed by its stunning views and its captivating Alpine lake.

Bled island, for centuries is a symbol of the area. It can be visited by the famous traditional wooden boats called “pletna”, and there is a tradition to climb 99 stupenek to the medieval chapel and ring the “bell desires”. Above the lake stands the impressive castle and offers a stunning view across all of bled. Near the town of bled are some of the highest peaks of the Julian Alps in Slovenia.

How to get

By plane :

The international airport in Ljubljana. Jože Plečnik is just 36 km from the capital. Regular daily services operate between Ljubljana airport and all major European hubs.

By car :

To drive to bled is easy by car, about 40 minutes ‘ drive from the capital Ljubljana. In addition, bled is only 47 km from Slovenia’s borders with Austria and Italy.

By train :

The station Lesce-bled is on the route between Munich, Salzburg, Villach, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Athens and Istanbul. The station is just 4 km from bled. Train station bled-the Lake is located on the route between Villach, Jesenice and Nova Gorica.

The Region Of Gorenjska

Bled is in Gorenjska region which is one of the most popular in Slovenia.

Gorenjska is home to the highest mountains in Slovenia, including the highest mountain in the country, Triglav, which reaches almost 2900 meters. In these parts you can see one of the most beautiful and incredible pasaia in Slovenia. Here are the Julian Alps and the stunning Triglav national Park, both famous lake, Lake bled and Lake Bohinj. There are also many ski resorts, skiers love the most largest of them, Branisko Mountain.


Bled is situated on the banks of the small lake Bled, from which it got its name.

Bled celebrated its 1000th anniversary in 2004. The town is a Spa destination with thermal springs since the middle ages. Its popularity as a resort began in the nineteenth century, when bled, began to call themselves “The healthiest place in Europe”.

Today bled is regaining its popularity among the most popular tourist attractions in Slovenia.

Today, most hotels are relatively new and clustered at one end of the lake. The exception is Vila bled, once the private guest house of former Yugoslav leader Tito, which is now a popular Deluxe hotel.

The Beauty Of Bled

Exquisitely beautiful, lake bled is only about 2 km in circumference. Bled is situated on the banks of the small lake Bled, from which it got its name.

An island in the middle of the lake for centuries is a symbol of bled. The direction attracts visitors from all over the world. In ancient times people worshipped živa, the Slavic goddess of love and fertility. Later, Christian pilgrims visited the island to praise St. Mary.

Pedestrian and Bicycle path circles the lake and walk around the lake takes about an hour. Island in the middle of the lake is actually the only island in Slovenia.

The best view of the lake and its magnificent mountain setting is from the ramparts of Bled castle, which dates from XI century. The castle dominates the city and the lake and it is situated on a rocky outcrop about 100 meters over the lake.

Bled today

In the castle there is a restaurant and also a Museum tracing the history of bled from its humble beginnings as a bronze age settlement to its place as a major tourist attraction today.

Bled is an important Convention centre and tourist resort offering a wide range of outdoor activities (Golf, fishing, horse riding), and is an excellent starting point for Hiking in the mountains and Hiking excursions. In the town of Bled has many hotels, bars and restaurants.

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