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Puno (lake Titicaca) - Peru - Countries - Travel Agency "Venus Tour"
General information The city stands on the shores of beautiful lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, which stretches nearly four kilometres altitude. On the shores of the…

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One of the wonders of the world – a unique lake in the shape of a Crescent in the Gobi desert

The lake is the most different of the Association.

One of the attractions of China, which is beaten by 6-micrometrical track from Dunhuan city, is an oasis in the Gobi desert. There is amazing beauty of the lake, which is Crescent-shaped and similar name.

For some time the lake was included in the UNESCO world heritage site, and since 1970 it has become one of the most protected places, as the water level decreases inexorably and is now the deepest part is about 1.3 meters.

Lost in the endless Sands of the lake Crescent has a transparent and clear water that resembles sapphire, and a short distance built a Chinese pagoda in a contemporary local customs. Many tourists seek to get to this lake, to admire a truly unique landscape and buy numerous Souvenirs that are sold here already at the entrance to the city.

From the height of bird’s flight

Many tourists who have seen the lake from a certain height, it triggers a variety of associations, but all of them are convinced that the lake was shining like the moon, suddenly falling on the ground or created by nature, the charming miracle in the endless Sands. All around a really unique and beautiful lake in the shape of a Crescent and a nearby oasis, and surrounding all this splendor of the vast desert that seems to absorb this cozy and fresh area, but for a large number of years does not absorb, enabling the tourists and the locals enjoy this wonderful creation.

Generally tourists who decided to start his path of cognition of China with the city of Dunhuang, have plenty of opportunities to see numerous local attractions. Here can be quite inexpensive to rent a car to drive to magnificent, and which has already become famous, oasis, or for a small amount of money, you can ride to the lake on a camel.

In the heart of the Sands is a real miracle

Whoever still not seen oases should make every effort to enjoy the full sweetness. Among the endless Sands and endless dunes of the Chinese province called Hans, has lost the most unique and wonderful oasis, where the cozy green spaces, the incredible beauty of the Chinese pagoda and, of course, a unique lake, which seems to have been created precisely in order to attract the attention of numerous tourists from all over the world.

For over a thousand years this lake exists in the Gobi desert, but still never it was not so close to extinction. In 2006 scientists, examined the bottom of the lake, decided that disruption of the groundwater and therefore the water in the lake began inexorably to decline. Then was made the only correct decision is to fill the lake with water, which was done, because we cannot allow such a miracle to have disappeared from the face of the earth, after all, tend to see absolutely all the tourists who come to see the most densely populated camp in the world – China.

The lake was filled with water and saved from destruction, today it has become more full-flowing, and every year it only increases in size. Chinese people honor traditions and not allow the Crescent lake, which can go down in history as one of the wonders of the world, disappeared from the face of the earth, because that’s their unique attraction and pride, no wonder the Crescent moon “fell” on the territory of China.

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