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National Park - Belovezhskaya Pushcha - a Journey into nature - the ecological trail
Excursion "Journey into nature" along the ecological trail of the natural complex "Blue lakes" is a meeting with one of the most interesting and unique corners of nature of Belarusian…

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Tea lake

What if you pour all the tea of peace in the Great lakes? How strong it will be compared to the normal tea?

Diluted to almost homeopathic concentrations.

A standard mug of tea, as stated by the International organization for standardization in ISO 3103. contains two grams of tea per 100 ml of water 1. The volume of the Great lakes — about 22 600 cubic kilometers, which requires to achieve the same fortress 450 billion tons of tea.

According to information from the Tea Board of India (Tea Board of India) annual yield of tea is about 4.8 million tons 2. this is just 1/100 000 what is required for Great tea lake. If we vysypaem those 4.8 million tons into the lakes, you get tea, in strength equal to the bath water with two drops of tea 3. And tub, obviously, requires a three-kilogram “bags” of tea.

Better to brew tea, you need to find a lake with a capacity of 240 million cubic meters (0,24 cubic kilometers).

One of the candidates — the world’s highest mountain lake in Kashmir. Its volume changes during the year, but in winter it is almost a perfect size 4. India is the second largest supplier of tea, so the lake and conveniently located.

Lake Ullswater . located in the Lake district of England, is another good candidate. With more or less the same volume at different times of the year — about 0.23 cubic kilometers, it would be the perfect place for brewing a global Cup of tea.

Of course, neither the world’s highest mountain or Ullswater has never been used as giant dummies, but widely known case when something like this tried to do in my hometown of Boston. In 1773 a group of colonists disguised American Indians 5. got three on a British ship and threw the cargo of tea — around 44 tons in Boston Harbor, in protest against British tax policies.

The volume of Boston Harbor — or 0.44 cubic kilometers, which means ‘tea’, brewed in 1773, was even weaker than our velykosilky. The Bay is also a few more than 6. than the world’s highest mountain or Ullswater, so all the best tea of the world is not enough to brew it beverage of sufficient strength.

There is another problem — heat. If we wanted to make tea in the lake such as Ullswater or the world’s highest mountain, we would have to heat the water. Is this even possible?

Of course, the world’s energy enough for this. In the end, we’re like amount of heated water for tea every year — only in small portions all over the world.

To heat up Ullswater to 80°C 7. we will need $6 6 times 10^ $ joules of energy — so much electricity consumed in the UK in 20 days. About the same amount of energy would be released, if you throw in the lake, a bottle of antimatter.

Think it will be difficult to persuade British people to spend 20 days without electricity to fill one of their lakes with tea. Fortunately, there is a simpler solution.

Boiling Lake ( the boiling lake ) in Dominica is a volcanic lake about 60 meters wide. Its temperature varies, but the water at the edges is close to boiling, and in the center is in full swing. To measure the depth of this lake is difficult, so difficult to estimate its volume.

On the other hand, Frying Pan Lake ( hot pan ) in New Zealand is the largest thermal lakes in the world. Its volume is about 200 000 m 3. and the average temperature is about 50°C: not enough tea, but much better than Alsothere or the world’s highest mountain.

New Zealanders consume each year 2 700 tons of tea, about 600 grams per person in year 8. If they waited until Frying Pan Lake will be especially hot, and brewed tea all at once…

…you could brew the annual volume of tea in a few minutes.

Other ISO standards concerning tea: ISO 3720 (black tea), ISO 11287 (green tea) and ISO 14502-2 (the difference between black and green tea).

We used data of the report. extrapolated for the year 2014.

From a formal point of view, to call this tea “homeopathic” would be an exaggeration, since the homeopathic substance is diluted considerably stronger.

Unfortunately, it contracts. (Winter volume indicated in the chart on page 18 of this report.)

They dressed as American Indians, referring to popular European stereotype of the free and noble savages, to show that they are on America’s side (i.e. against Britain). The Mohawk — Indians, in the style that can be dressed protesters didn’t trust invading their land and the colonists were on the side of Britain during the succession wars. Were subsequently ousted by the Americans from the house, fled to Canada.

The tidal range in Boston is so great (more than three meters) that the volume of the Bay at high tide is almost two times the amount during low tide.


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