The Lake Cheo LAN
Trip to lake Cheo LAN and the consequences. Our journey to the national Park Khao SOK began with a visit to the observation deck and gorgeous view of lake Cheo…

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Fall for two. 5 best places for honeymoon in Ukraine
The Carpathian mountains in the fall — the perfect place for a honeymoon. Bukovel, Yaremche, Kosiv and Kolomyia, Morshyn and township — is not a complete list of places that…

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Skadar lake
The biggest in the Balkans, Skadar lake - area 356-388 km2 - was not so long ago the protected status of two neighbouring countries - Albania and the former Serbia…

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The colored waters in the world: 13 colorful lakes


Water neotemlemoy part of our lives. Our world is full of lakes, rivers, mineral springs and other waters. There are amazing beautiful lakes, Alpine, little and great ponds. But water is not always the same color and can be shades of all colors. Condé Nast Traveler magazine has identified 13 of the most colorful body of water in the world.

Peyto lake, Alberta, Canada

The most popular lake of Canada, located in Banff national Park in the mountainous region of the Canadian Rockies. The color of the lake is so turquoise, thanks to lednikoviy flour in the rock, which filled with the water of the lake. Peyto lake is the most heavenly shade of turquoise with milk.

Hot istochniki Beppu, Oita, Japan

Hot springs in Beppu, popularly called Hell Beppu is located in Japan on the island Kyushu. Just in Beppu eight springs and they all vary in colour from milky turquoise to effing rusty. One of the thermal springs Chinoike Jigoku (bloody hell pond) is a blood-red color.

Bay don Edwards national wildlife refuge, Fremont, California.

It is a colorful diversity can be seen in the National wildlife reserve of the são Francisco in the USA. In the reserve there are things to see and places to climb, but the most impressive and special — it’s the salt ponds. In salt marshes, located within a 30 000 acre Park you can see a pond of any color of the rainbow, depending on their level of saltiness and what microorganisms at the time of viewing active.

Emerald lakes, North island, New Zealand

The reservoirs are located in Tongariro national Park (Tongariro National Park) in New Zealand. The Park is listed in UNESCO World heritage site and is the oldest national Park in the country. In the Park takes place 12-mile Hiking route through the emerald lake of an extinct volcano. Gorgeous green-blue lake have this color because of volcanic minerals in the water. The water color varies depending on lighting and time of day and can look like pale blue and emerald green.

Kelimutu Lake . Flores island, Indonesia

Lake of the oasis of Tozeur, Tunisia

Bright orange the oasis of Tozeur on the edge of the Sahara desert consists of three salt lakes: Chott El Fejej, the Chott El Djerid and the Chott El Garza. In the winter, when it rains, the salt marshes are filled with water. In the summer the lakes dry up and turn into a salt marsh, covered with a thick crust of sand and salt. Located South of the Atlas mountains, these dry lakes may be of different colors, including red, when, napolneny water.

Lake AMCO-Umco . Tibet, China

The Lake Retba, Senegal

30 km from the capital city of Senegal Dakar is an amazing natural phenomenon, also known as the Pink lake. The lake Retba is named after its bright pink shade. High salt concentration makes it an ideal habitat for cynobacteria Dunaliella, which give the lake its famous color.

Mineral lake-Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

Laguna Colorada, which translates as «Red Lagoon», fine mineral lake that contains minerals and rust-colored sedimentary rocks. The lake is located within the national reserve Eduardo Avaroa, where is also located the lake the colorful Laguna Verde («Green lake»).

A large hot spring, Yellowstone national Park, Wyoming

Lake Hiller, Australia

The pink color of lake Hillier remains a mystery, although many theories (most scientists think, blame the bacteria living there). Bright pink, like bubblegum, the lake Hiller is located on the island of Middle island. The pond is surrounded by sand and a eucalyptus forest.

Lake Band-Amir, Afghanistan

The chain of six turquoise lakes, located at an altitude of 3000 meters in the Hindu Kush mountains in Central Afghanistan. Lakes separated by rocks of calcareous tufa, which enriches the water with carbon dioxide and gives it a matching bright blue color.

Lake Pukaki, New Zealand

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