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Unique lake in Crimea piled manure - news of the Crimea - Illegally built dam at Adzhigol instead of demolish, strengthen, in the village Council all denied
Illegally built dam at Adzhigol instead of demolish, strengthen, in the village Council deny everything In Crimea there was a scandal around unique lake Ajigol. Local residents accuse the seaside…

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The Lake of Ukraine

Lake of Ukraine

Lakes of Ukraine are scenic places that you like to relax as residents and guests from far and near abroad. Number of lakes more than 3 thousands, but really beautiful and clean bodies of water among them not too much. Unfortunately, many lakes are polluted with sewage, littered with debris and are often ugly and pathetic.

The more valuable the water, where the ecosystem is preserved in its original form, where the water is clean and clear, and the flora and fauna with its variety.

Amazing lakes of the country

Svityaz – lake, which is among “Seven wonders of Ukraine”. This is the largest and deepest lake, having a natural origin. This wonderful corner of the nature is part of the large group of Shatsk’s lakes. To get to the lake you must drive to the city of Kovel, and from there taxis can get to the lake Svityaz.

Synevyr is a true, shining purity, the pearl of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Sometimes it is also called “Sea eye”. Indeed, the photographs from the satellite Synevyr resembles the eye of an incredible size. The area where the lake is very picturesque. Around – only high mountains covered with emerald pine forests. On the shores of the lake to relax from daily worries, breathe fresh air, relax and rejuvenate.

Sinevir is located in a mountainous area at an altitude of 989 meters. To get the most convenient to Synevyrska Polyana village through the town of Khust or through the mountains.

Yalpug is a freshwater lake which is the second largest in all of Europe. It reaches a length of 39 km and a maximum width of the lake stretches for 7 km. an Incredible amount of species of fish – more than 40, makes the lake a unique place that preserves a rich fauna and flora. According to the legend, the great A. S. Pushkin on his way to Odessa stopped at the beautiful lake and put then next to it the oak. To get to the lake through the city of Izmail, and from there a Shuttle or bus to follow to Bolgrad. And there and the lake is at hand.

Shelekhov lake – the pride of the inhabitants of the Sumy area of Ukraine. The lake is very ancient, ice age. The place is very beautiful but difficult to access. While this feature prevents Shelekhovskaya the lake become as famous a tourist attraction as the lake Svityaz and Sinevir. Travelers should get to the village of Mezhyrich, and from there the locals will escort you to the pond. It is better to use the jeep as the terrain is difficult passable.

Extraordinary White lake

This lake is situated in the Rovno area, next to the nuclear power station. The lake itself is small in size: only 3 kilometer in length and almost the same — in width. It is interesting that in this age of environmental disasters water in White lake is amazingly clean and clear. At a depth of nearly 2 meters you can see everything that happens in the water. There is a wide variety of fish, there are muskrats and beavers. On the banks grow herbs and shrubs. The name of the lake due to foggy weather, which often happens in bodies of water that are near nuclear power plants. Milky-white mist weightless and quiet envelops the shores of this island of purity and untouched nature. From Rivne and Lutsk need to get to Kuznetsovs’k on the bus, and there already is to the lake.

Lake of Ukraine play an important role in the conservation and preservation of its wealth. Many of them are beautiful tourist centres. Others need attention to their problems and state intervention to preserve these unique places in the Ukrainian land.


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