Wedding on the lakes of Italy
Italy is famous not only for its seas, and lakes. Moreover, it is often on the lake can be organized more stylish and elegant wedding than the sea. About the…

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In Kyrgyzstan several hundred dangerous lakes. KG
In Kyrgyzstan several hundred dangerous lakes, out of which 20 lakes are at the stage of breakthrough. These data lead experts on hydrogeology. Each of the lakes is a time…

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Holidays at the lakes of Italy. Lake Garda, Lake Como, Lago Maggiore Tours to the lakes in Italy
Information on tours to the lakes of Italy. dates and prices please contact our managers or use the system "SELECTION of the TOUR TO ITALY" Rest on the lakes of…

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Portal All about Egypt

Lake of Egypt

Lakes in Egypt a little. It is primarily the largest lakes of the Nile Delta. Mariut, Madieh, Edek, Burullus and Manzala, separated from the Mediterranean sea by sandbars and a lake Bardawil, located in the northeast of the Sinai Peninsula, also separated from the Mediterranean by a narrow oblique. Besides the coastal lakes in Egypt is still a number of lakes located on the Suez isthmus: the Points, Timsah, Great and Little Bitter lakes, and lakes in oases.

In the northeast Libyan desert in Buheirah governorate West of the Nile Delta is a tectonic depression of Wadi Natroun. The name derives from the presence in it of more than ten small soda-rich lakes, called “Soda lakes”. For a few months a year alkaline lakes are drying up, and it is possible to extract sodium carbonate.

In the construction of the Aswan dam on the Nile in 1964-1968 gg formed a reservoir with a surface area of about 5250 km2. called lake Nasser. In 1997, the artificial lake Nasser began to expand to the West and to inundate the lowlands of Toshka, in southern Egypt, creating over the next few years four new lakes. In total, the Toshka lakes cover an area of about 1300 km2 .

And finally, the Birket Karun (lake Meridova) is the most remarkable lake in Egypt. Celebrity in ancient times and the immense services rendered to Egypt, make it one of those peculiarities, which deserve the most attention.

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Croatia, Imotski Lake – In search of beauty

Imotski is a city located in Central Dalmatia near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city is located in the heart of the continent and from the Adriatic sea that separates the mountain range Biokovo. Imotski is famous for its unique karst lakes – Blue (Modro jezero) and the Red (Crveno jezero). These amazing lakes and we went to watch.

2. Day for the trip was not chosen very well. The next day we had a three-day trip to Istria and it is reasonable to relax and stay home. But curiosity took over and we went to watch Imotski lake ๐Ÿ™‚

3. The road from Brela to Imotski is a scenic mountain serpentine and takes just over an hour. Imotski lakes are located just outside the town.

4. First we went to see the Blue lake.

5. Blue lake is located at the bottom of the 200 metre deep sinkholes leads up a long spiraling road.

6. We have patience and began our descent to the lake.

7. After 10 minutes we finally saw the bottom of the lake.

8. It’s really blue ๐Ÿ™‚

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Tango, vineyards and crystal clear lakes


10 days / 9 nights

Day 1

Arrival in Buenos Aires.

Private transfer Shuttle service with English speaking guide in the hotel. Accommodation for 2 nights in the hotel (Breakfast and taxes included)

Private sightseeing tour on city with Russian speaking guide.

Buenos Aires is associated with tango, football, Evita name, Maradona and Che Guevara. The capital of Argentina is considered one of the most elegant cities in South America. Their appearance, ancient buildings and architecture of the city resembles Paris. The historic center has preserved the features of the colonial period. You will see the Central square of Plaza de Mayo, the Pink House, the Cathedral, the colon theatre, the Obelisk, the National Congress. The tour includes a visit to the area Boca (birthplace of tango) to the pedestrian area of Caminito, the San Martin square and the cemetery in Recoleta.

In the evening, visiting with a guide one of the best tango cabaret of Buenos Aires, where tango shows. (transfer of a restaurant/hotel/restaurant and dinner included)

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"colorful lake"
Germany in the winter in a few words: extensive โ€œexcursion tours" quality "excursions". Local snow resorts can offer a ride on perfectly folded slopes, densely to dine with all sorts…


Karakol lake - Bear mountain
Karakol lake The Altai mountains โ€“ land of the lakes . many of which are known far beyond its borders. Among the most popular tourist sites โ€“ Karakol lake .…